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Liberal Democracy
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Sun News: Ezra Levant: Canada Outlawing Hate Speech

The relationship that America and Canada have, is very interesting, we have a lot in common but we also. Have a lot of differences, we both believe in a certain level at least of Individual Freedom and Human Rights, both relating to Social and Economic Freedom, we also have serious differences, relating. To what type of Democracies we are, Canada is Confederation in the form of a Social or Socialist Democracy, America is a Union in the form of a Liberal Democracy, our rights are just more. Liberal as they relate to Free Speech, Property Rights and perhaps even privacy and Hate Speech is a perfect example of that, our First Amendment says, Congress will make no law that infringes. On individuals right to speak, thats a paraphrase but very close and the only exceptions, have to do with libeling and threatening people but I could call Joe, excuse my language. But an asshole or even go even farther then that and use slurs and even say them in public or write a piece throwing out all of thee insults towards Joe, even say them on TV, radio or. The internet but I can't say Joe I'm going to kill you or beat you up or somebody should go hurt Joe, I and every other American can insult Joe, we just can't label him and Joe could respond by. Saying Erik, excuse the phrase, go fuck off or kiss my ass but Joe can't say you should go kick Erik's ass in public or call Erik a terrorist or racist in public, Joe could insult me but he can't. Label me without being held accountable through a lawsuit to use as an example.

Canada being the Socialist Democracy that it is, where the Federal Government feels a special responsibility. To look after Canadians, whether it comes to education, healthcare, Health Insurance etc and yes even how people feel and trying to prevent them from being insulted, doesn't protect. Canadians and doesn't allow them to be, quite frankly an asshole in public and you could be held libel if you put someone down in Canada, whereas in America, Americans believe that Free Speech. Is the most important of all of our rights in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, that it. Has to be protected at almost all costs, the examples that I just laid out, as they apply to libeling and threatening, because Americans believe that once we lose even any of our right to express. Ourselves, we are losing some of our Individual Freedom and its being taken away by government and of course Americans tend not to trust government and for good reasons.