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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Southern Avenger: Jack Hunter: Neoconservatism is Stupid

"Neoconservatism is Stupid", well as a Liberal I can't disagree with that but thats putting it in the. Most simplistic terms but since we are talking about Neoconservatism, about as simplistic as a philosophy can get, what the hell it fits. But to take to a bigger level, why Neoconservatism is stupid, is because its similar to Religious Fundamentalism, fill in the blank about what Religion you. Are talking about but they are both based on the same thing, faith they put faith over facts, trust us we are correct here, even though we can't show you how, believe us that there are Weapons of Mass Destruction. Over in Iraq, even though we can't find them or tell you where they are, the other flaw of Neoconservatism is the lack of homework put into it, the World we'll be a better. Place if we knock these dictators out, even though we don't know who'll come to replace them, because. Well we haven't done our homework and the final thing about Neoconservatism, like Socialism. Is not just an Economic Policy, Neoconservatism is not just a Foreign Policy, its a Statist Philosophy, that puts the rights of the State to protect its people, over individuals rights.

Neoconservatives believe that the State should comes first over individuals, rather then individual. Being able to live their own lives, Rick Santorum case in point but again not just when it comes to National Security but a whole range of Social Issues, abortion, marijuana, healthcare. Pornography, privacy and so fourth, that the State can't adequately protect its people, if it can't prevent them from doing things, that Neoconservatives see as dangerous. Jack Hunter the Conservative blogger and a Classical Conservative from what I've seen of him is right, Neoconservatism. Is simply not Conservative, Conservatives believe in conserving freedom for individuals, that what the word Conservative is about, Neoconservatives believe in protecting the State. So its as safe as possible, even if that means restricting freedom, so the country can be as safe as possible and for that to happen, Americans can't be as free as we are accustomed to living.