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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: New York Times: Complete Third Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy 2012: Romney Vs Obama, First Impressions

Again what I'm going to do with this debate is what I've done with the previous three debates, on this. Blog you can see how Mitt Romney did and on my sister blog http:///, you can see how President Obama did.

First I'll layout what I believe Mitt Romney needed to do tonight to win the debate, not the election. Exactly, was to pass the Commander in Chief test and this is where I disagree with the analysts on CNN and I'll get into that later but Mitt Romney needed to sound like President Romney. Someone who knows what they are doing as a Commander in Chief, what they think and can make decisions decisively and I didn't see that with Mitt Romney, what I saw was someone who didn't. Come to play tonight and you are not going to win when your opponent comes to play and and you are just there, Governor Romney seemed to go out of his way to either agree with the President. Which in boxing would be covering up or looking to move onto a different subject, which would be in football would be to punt and you aren't going to win a boxing match, a football game or. A political debate, when you are constantly punting, covering up and your opponent is constantly scoring, the President did not have a bad round the whole night, he won basically all of. Them and was able to draw contrast with Mitt Romney with Mitt Romney himself, laying out positions that Mitt took tonight and comparing them with positions he took in the past and how they are different.

Mitt Romney's best moment tonight was to layout the situation of the economy today and how some numbers. Are worse then they are today, like medium income falling to use as an example, 23M people still unemployed to use as a couple of examples but his worse moment was when he was caught saying. By the President that Russia was are number one World foe and when he pointed out that our Navy has the smallest number of ships and so fourth, a batting practice pitch, right. Down the middle of the plate and the President hit that softball out of the park, by saying that we also have the smallest number of horses in the Navy as well and why is that because. No longer need them we have these things called Air Craft carriers, we simply don't need as many horses anymore and that the Cold War ended with Russia twenty years ago, Mitt Romney. Didn't hit any homers tonight struggled to move the ball at all the whole night and mostly punted.

So overall I believe President Obama won this debate going away 17-20 points, because he was facing. An opponent that wasn't there to debate but to agree with him as often as possible and the only question is how the debate will affect the polls if at all and we'll know that later this week. But someone who looks strong which is what President Obama looked tonight, especially when it comes to Foreign Policy, should always beat a punching bag, who doesn't know what. They want to do on Foreign Policy and is kinda just there for the ride but we'll see later on.