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Thursday, October 4, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: New York Times: Presidential Debate 2012 Romney vs.Obama: First Thoughts

All right so here's part two of the Romney/Obama debate and my impressions of it, this time focusing. On how I believe Mitt Romney did tonight, you can find out how I thought the President did, over on the sister blog of FRSFreeStatePlus, over at, or. Just click the link thats on my blog list, lower right corner of this site.

Going into tonight's debate, I thought it was and I think you aren't going to find anyone who disagrees. With this Republican or otherwise, that Mitt Romney not only had to bring his A game but he had to win the debate, not to win the election but to get back in the election. If you look at it like a football game lets say. You are in the fourth quarter and you are down by two touchdowns. Lets say its the Super Bowl, which is what the United States Presidential Election is, as far as anything else in the World, no other election is as important and perhaps not nearly as important. Governor Romney not only had to bring his A game but he had to win the thing, a tie would've done him no good, a loss and its probably over for him and the Republican Party. Would've started pulling money out of the Romney Campaign and putting it into the Congressional Republican Campaigns, House and Senate Republicans who are in close elections. And thats what Mitt did tonight, he won the debate, not by a blow out, if it was a football game, 10-14 points, he outplayed. President Obama and bought himself some time to be able to move forward.

Mitt Romney not exactly a master when it comes to facts and specifics but what he did do, was for every issue. Score points on why whatever the President was doing was wrong, again whether his facts were correct or not, there were some serious false statements in his performance, especially. As it relates to his the 716B$ cut from Medicare charge, to use as an example, a punch that caught the President on the chin and he didn't respond to it, when all he had to say was. That all we did was cut 716B$ that were going to overpayments to Health Insurers, as part as Medicare Advantage and we instead used that money to pay for healthcare for Medicare patients. But President Obama never did that but Mitt looked at the President most of the time during the debate and looked very personal. Not raising his voice but laying out where he disagrees with President Obama and did a very good job on style points.

The number one rule in politics is that perception is realty, its not the truth that always matters. But what people believe to be the truth and Governor Romney who was punching most of the night, threw more punches and connected more, even if he was punching below the belt, with his. Bogus charges, on Medicare, accusing the President of raising taxes and weakening the military, all things that are clearly untrue, when people see that for the first time and don't know. For a fact if the charges are true or not and don't see the President respond in an adequate way, they tend to accept the charges as facts as far as how this debate changes the race. The President entered the debate with a 5-7 point lead, nationally and electorally, leading in all of the battleground States and I haven't seen the polls yet but I'm guessing that will tighten, it might be a three point race by Sunday with President Obama having a slim lead. Those are my first thoughts.