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Friday, October 5, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Democracy Now: G Farah: "How Dems and Reps Manage to Shut Out all Third Parties

Congress has a roughly 10-15% Approval Rating and probably all of the people who approve of Congress right now. Are either a Member of Congress, House or Senate, work for a Member of Congress or are some type of Washington Lobbyist, Democrats and Republicans don't approve of Congress. Right now and aren't thrilled with their parties either, we have two major political parties in a country of 320M people, where politically we range from Socialists on the Far Left, to Neoconservatives. And Theocrats on the Far Right and everyone else in between, right and left, the President has a Approval Rating of around 50%, so the country is not in love Barack Obama yet, I'm a. Democrat and will probably vote for him but I wish I had a better option who had a shot of beating Mitt Romney but I don't. The country is not obviously in love with Mitt Romney, his disapproval's are around 50% and yet you don't see Independents with money emerging and running for President. Like a Mike Bloomberg or Jesse Ventura, Buddy Roemer went nowhere with the Reform Party and dropped out, because they don't think they have a shot at winning and getting on all fifty ballots.

We are a country of 320M people, we only have two major political parties and yet both political parties. Represent around 30% of the voting public, why is that, because neither party is very popular in the country and why is that, both have had shots at running the Federal Government by themselves. Both failed to deliver the progress they promised and was unpopular and end up passing legislation, thats unpopular, the Republicans from 2003-07 and the Democrats. From 2009-11, so what voters end up doing, instead is giving the country Divided Government, Democrats keep the White House but instead of controlling all of Congress, they lose. The House instead and are left with the Senate, so what the country does, after giving one party all of the power, they take that back and give both parties. Two parties they don't like and put them both in charge, because they don't have any other choices for the most part.

So what I would do, is not go from having two big parties, to twenty small parties, like you see in Europe. But have 2-3 more parties on the ballot with the Democrats and Republicans, with fifty State Ballot Access and they would all be in the Presidential and Congressional Debates. Democrats, Republicans, Independents who are Fiscally Conservative and lets say socially tolerant. Libertarians and one Progressive Party made up of all the Progressive Parties, so they have one voice and we would have more debates that are longer, giving Americans real choice. In who to vote for President and Congress.