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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: C-Span: 1988 Presidential Debate: Dukakis vs Bush, 9/25/1988

Governor Mike Dukakis who obviously ran for President in 1988 and won the Democratic Nomination, blew. A golden opportunity to win the Presidency, Americans clearly liked Ron Reagan as President, even after Iran Contra but weren't sold on his Vice President George Bush, at least as far as letting. Him become President and take that next step up, Governor Dukakis had a seventeen point lead, after his convention and the Bush Campaign decided, that they can't be Mike Dukakis, with just. George Bush, that a majority of voters had already decided that they would prefer Dukakis over Bush, so the way they beat Dukakis, is by convincing Americans to dislike Dukakis more then Bush. Make him look like someone who was way to the left of to be President, out of touch with the country and that he lacked the character to be President of the United States and as far as what. Vice President Bush had to offer the country, well if you liked the previous eight years, then you would like. A President Bush, because it would be four more years of the same, rather then how things would change under a President Bush but what Governor Dukakis had, was an agenda that moved the. Country past Reagan-Bush and what a Democratic Administration would look like.

I've always thought that Mike Dukakis was the Bill Clinton of 1988 but without the personality and charm. That could get people behind him and like, he lacked Clinton's human touch, even though in person Mike Dukakis is a charming and likable guy, who doesn't always sound like a professor or something. But thats not the Dukakis that Americans saw for the most part, after he won the Democratic Nomination but despite all of that, he still has a large lead after his convention, because. Americans thought at least at the time, that he was more qualified to be President of the United States, a popular Governor of a State with a large population but small in land and who was successful. But once the Bush Campaign, went negative and threw out a lot of bogus charges, that the Dukakis Campaign didn't take seriously, thinking that Americans wouldn't take seriously. The same mistake ironically, that John Kerry made in 2004 and he failed to use these debates to connect with voters.