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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Commentary: Bethany Mandel: Newsflash: “Binders Full of Women is a Good Thing"

Commentary: Bethany Mandel: Newsflash: “Binders Full of Women” is a Good Thing: pAfter the first presidential debate, liberals clung to Mitt Romney’s off-the-cuff comments on Big Bird. Immediately, the statement was mocked and meme-ified. Romney’s larger point about wasteful government spending was lost to those who saw nothing worth praising in President Obama’s performance, and thus wanted to bring Romney’s down by any means necessary, no matter [...]/p

FRSFreeStatePlus: What do you expect from Neoconservatives, they actually believe the so called gaffes from Mitt Romney, Todd Akin and company. Are the truth and that is how men should talk and treat women, like they are property or something that can be placed in folders and that as long as they are being hired. And placed in responsible jobs, that if Republicans focus on the economy, things like equal pay for equal work, non discrimination policies, healthcare, choice. And other issues that women tend to favor Democrats over Republicans, these issues will simply go away.

I'll give you an example, last night in the Florida Senate Debate, between Representative Connie Mack and Senator Bill Nelson, the Ledbetter Law and the Violence Against Women Act. Both came up in the debate, Rep. Mack was asked about the VAWA, a law that was written by then Senator Joe Biden in the early 1990s, the law has expired in Congress, Rep. Mack was asked about. It and tried to focus on the economy and how his female relatives have influenced his life, completely dodging the question, Senator Nelson pointed that out and said he was in favor of the law. Democrats know how to talk to women, Neoconservatives simply do not.