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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MisesMedia: Walter Block: War, Peace, and Statism

As a Liberal I like the idea that we should be left to live our own lives as long as we aren't hurting. Innocent people with what we are doing, we are free to live our own lives as long as we show non aggression to innocent people. And that if we are attacked, we have a right to respond to the people who attacked us but that we can't go out attacking people who've done us no harm. This is also a core of Libertarian thought but Libertarians tend to take it a step further and say. That we don't have a right to attack innocent people but when innocent people are attacked or harmed. Financially by people who'll do them harm, that government can't come in to help the people who are attacked and have no business in dealing with the people who attacked the. Innocent that if government just gets out of the way, then people wouldn't be hurting innocent people. In the first place, that if we just go back to the wild West, then we can avoid problems like that. From happening in the first place.

Government shouldn't be there to run our lives and tell us how to live, thats where Liberals agree with. Libertarians and where we disagree with Neoconservatives and some Progressives who believe that government should be there to show people what's right and wrong when it comes to living. Our own lives and what should be acceptable and unacceptable in a civilize society but where I would. Disagree with Libertarians is that government needs to be there when innocent people are hurt to deal. With the people who hurt the innocent and to try to prevent such crimes from happening in the future.

Washington Times: Politics: Ben Wolfgang: Bob Kerrey Making a Race of it in Nebraska

Kerrey making a race of it in Nebraska - Washington Times

Bob Kerrey picking the best time to come on strong in the polls

National Journal: Ben Schreckinger: Poll: President Obama and MItt Romney Still Neck-and-Neck Nationally

Poll: Obama and Romney Still Neck-and-Neck Nationally -

President Obama still maintaining the edge in the Electoral College

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EuroNews: ABC News Foreign Editor Christiane Amanpour: "US Still Dominates"

The United States is still the most important country in the World, because we are still the strongest. Power in the World, we still have the largest economy in the World with living standards that other countries are striving to match and we still have the strongest military in. The World and when there's some crisis in the World, Europe and others pay attention to America and expect us to do something about it. And because of this we have more influence on any other country in the World, when we decide to use it and can use that influence to benefit ourselves. But also benefit other countries, like helping other countries that are moving from being Authoritarian States. To Democracy like Tunisia and Libya and help them get the resources that they need to be able to defend themselves and we can also help developing countries that are. Implementing Capitalism to help them become more developed, like what we've been doing in aiding and trading with Latin America.

America no longer and perhaps never had the resources to police the World, this is an area where Europe. Needs to step up and help us, Saudi Arabia being a better influence in the Middle East would help that as well and Japan and Korea doing more to defend themselves would benefit us as well. But we are two important of a power to simply ignore what's going on in the World, because as 9/11. Has shown, what goes on in other countries effects what happens in the United States as well.

Washington Times: Opinion: Rick Santorum: Standing up For Marriage and Families

SANTORUM: Standing up for marriage and families - Washington Times

Rick Santorum and other Neoconservatives idea of standing up for marriage, is to prevent homosexuals who. Are in love with each other and want to marry each other from being able to marry each other. Even as going as far as passing a Constitutional Amendment that would take power away from the States to regulate marriage and give that power to the Federal Government.

National Journal: Fawn Johnson: Watch What You Say About FEMA

Watch What You Say About FEMA -

Politicians attack FEMA at their own risk, because its one of the most popular agencies in the Federal Government. That a lot of people have benefited from and count on over the years, so Mitt Romney is taking a risk here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: UKParliament: Prime Minister's Questions: 24 October 2012: What America Can Learn From Britain

I don't like everything about the United Kingdom's form of government as an American, I don't like the. Fact that the voters can't directly elect their own Chief Executive, the voters in parties get to elect their own Leaders, they do have something that looks like a Primary System but. Once the General Election starts in Britain, its up to who controls the House of Commons that decides who becomes the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the next Parliament, whereas. Americans decide for ourselves who becomes the next President in the next Congress, we directly elect our Chief Executive and the UK Government is too centralize for me and they don't. Have Checks and Balances or Separation of Branches but their system seems to work for them, they don't do everything that I would do and I'm sure they believe we don't do everything they. Would do but the British System works for Britain.

What I do like about the UK Government is that they have a real Opposition a Leader of the Opposition. The Leader of the Opposition is the Leader of the Party that finishes second in the last UK General Election, the Prime Minister is the Leader of the Ruling Party, so to use as an example. Brits get to see where the Ruling Party is, because they have that one Leader that leads the entire government as well as the Ruling Party but Brits also get to see what the. Opposition Party believes in and where they differ with the Government and what they would do instead. And they get to offer alternatives to what the Government is offering in Parliament, in the House of Commons or in. The Lordship, so Brits get to see and hear real choices in deciding who should lead this country of roughly 65M people a very tightly populated country on a island roughly the size of Cuba.

Americans don't really get that, we have the President but who the President beat either goes back to. Congress or being Governor of whatever State they may lead or goes back to the Private Sector but they don't officially lead the Opposition Party, which basically leaves the Opposition Party without. That one Leader or one voice that can articulate the opposing view to whatever the Administration is doing and can articulate an opposing policy to whatever the. Administration is offering, what we have instead is an Opposition with several different Leaders. The Chairman of the National Party, the Leaders in Congress, House and Senate but we don't have that one person. Who could show Americans what the Executive Branch would look like if the other party was in charge.

I like the American form or government and believe we do a lot of things very well but one change. That I would make is giving Americans and official Opposition Leader, a Shadow Administration if you will that would serve as the Official Opposition to the Party in Power. That would be lead by the person who finished second in the last Presidential Election, this would give Americans a clear choice in who to vote for in the next Presidential Election.

EuroNews: Israelis Protest About Illegal African Immigrants

America not the only country with Jewish-African tensions

National Journal: Reid Wilson: Why Republicans Will Keep the House

Why Republicans Will Keep the House -

House Republicans are favored to hold into the House but its still in play

Sunday, October 28, 2012

EuroNews: Observers Keep Vigil in Ukraine

Good to see Ukraine holding elections, hopefully they are free and credible

FRSFreeStatePlus: PBS: Newshour: George McGovern, Barry Goldwater on Divisive Politics and 1988 Election

Barry Goldwater was the real thing when it came to Conservatism, because he knew what it was exactly. About, conserving and protecting Individual Freedom and that the best government was the government thats closest to the people and centralize government isn't as effective as government thats. Closest to home and that people have the right to live their own lives, as long as they aren't hurting innocent people with what they are doing. George McGovern is someone who I would consider to be a Social Liberal, Liberal on Social Issues and more of a Social or Progressive Democrat. On Economic Policy but a real Liberal is someone whose a Liberal on both Social Issues as well as Economic Policy, someone who believes in Individual Freedom for everyone and that for people. Who don't have Freedom right now, for whatever reasons they aren't independent and able to live their own lives and support themselves. That these people should be empowered to have the freedom that everyone else has and that government can play a role in empowering people to have their. Own Freedom to live their own lives.

What passes as Liberalism today, is something thats really Progressivism or Democratic Socialism that. Government especially the Federal Government should be empowered to make the country as equal as possible and be there to take care of the people who can't take care of themselves, as it relates. To Economic Policy and Progressives depending on the type of Progressive that they are, may be more Liberal on Social Issues or more Statist on Social Issues, like as it relates to speech. Depending on what type of Progressive that they are.

National Journal: Matt Vasilogambros: Campaigns Battle Over Auto Rescue in Ohio

Campaigns Battle Over Auto Rescue in Ohio -

President Obama's ticket to victory in Ohio the Auto Bailouts

Saturday, October 27, 2012

EuroNews: Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi Wants to Stay in Politics

Prime Minister Berlusconi has one of the biggest set of balls in all of Italy, this is a man whose headed. To prison whose talking about a future in Italian Politics.

Channel 4 News UK: Brazilian Crack Cocaine Epidemic

Its not just America, Mexico and Cocaine that have Drug Wars

The Black Conservative: Elaina George, MD: "Why Doctors Must Stand Up for Patient Care"

The Black Conservative: Elaina George, MD - Why Doctors Must Stand Up for ...:   “By upholding ObamaCare, the Supreme Court ignored the Constitution. It placed corporate interests and profits, along with government ...

FRSFreeStatePlus: For anyone who actually reads the Affordable Care Act and understands it, you'll see that its about expanding. Through the private Health Insurance Industry, Health Insurance for people who currently can't afford it, through a Tax Credit for individuals, as well as a Tax Credit for employers who want. To provide Health Insurance for their employees but simply can't afford to cover them, it actually gives private Health Insurers more customers but what it does it regulates them with what's called a Patents Bill of Rights. So individuals can no longer lose their Health Insurance because they simply need it, get sick, have a Pre Existing Condition, or reach some time limit or financial cap. Democrats wanted to include a Public Option, not Single Payer, which is what Progressive Democrats wanted but what Liberals such as myself. Wanted to do was to allow individuals who aren't seniors yet, to be able to buy into Medicare, so we could have younger healthier patients that are covered by Medicare but no one by law or anything else. Is being forced to give up their current Health Insurance to take Medicare, the ACA is not a government takeover of healthcare as Right Wingers like to call it.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Southern Avenger: Jack Hunter: A Pro-Life View on Drones

You could make a case that drone strikes are Pro Life, because they wipeout terrorists, without risking. Troops to do the work themselves and risk losing those troops.

Human Events: John Gizzi: Unlike With Todd Akin, National GOP Continues its Support of Richard Mourdock

Unlike with Akin, national GOP continues its support of Mourdock - Conservative News

Looks like Richard Mourdock has just handed Senate Democrats another seat and he could hurt Mitt Romney. As well because Mitt has already endorsed Mourdock and Democrats are already trying to link them.

National Journal: Major Garrett: Does Mitt-Mentum Signal a Surge to a Romney Win?

Does Mitt-Mentum Signal a Surge to a Romney Win? -

The fact is thanks to the first debate, all Mitt Romney has done so far is make the Presidential Election close. But President Obama still holds the lead in the swing States and Electoral College and has topped the Romney momentum, from giving Mitt Romney the lead in the race where he would win the Electoral College.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Washington Times: Maine Independent in Lead to Replace Senator Olympia Snowe

Maine independent in lead to replace Snowe - Washington Times

If Senate Republicans fail to win back the Senate in 2012, they can blame the Tea Party

National Journal: Ron Brownstein: Five Takeaways: "President Obama Drives Debate, but Mitt Romney Clears Commander Bar"

Five Takeaways: Obama Drives Debate, but Romney Clears Commander Bar -

See I disagree, I saw Mitt Romney as someone who can't makeup their mind on Foreign Policy, which is why. He keeps taking different positions and doesn't look strong enough to be Commander in Chief, not someone who could make decisions and layout what he exactly believes. Because he doesn't know yet.

FRSFreeStatePlus: New York Times: Complete Third Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy 2012: Romney Vs Obama, First Impressions

Again what I'm going to do with this debate is what I've done with the previous three debates, on this. Blog you can see how Mitt Romney did and on my sister blog http:///, you can see how President Obama did.

First I'll layout what I believe Mitt Romney needed to do tonight to win the debate, not the election. Exactly, was to pass the Commander in Chief test and this is where I disagree with the analysts on CNN and I'll get into that later but Mitt Romney needed to sound like President Romney. Someone who knows what they are doing as a Commander in Chief, what they think and can make decisions decisively and I didn't see that with Mitt Romney, what I saw was someone who didn't. Come to play tonight and you are not going to win when your opponent comes to play and and you are just there, Governor Romney seemed to go out of his way to either agree with the President. Which in boxing would be covering up or looking to move onto a different subject, which would be in football would be to punt and you aren't going to win a boxing match, a football game or. A political debate, when you are constantly punting, covering up and your opponent is constantly scoring, the President did not have a bad round the whole night, he won basically all of. Them and was able to draw contrast with Mitt Romney with Mitt Romney himself, laying out positions that Mitt took tonight and comparing them with positions he took in the past and how they are different.

Mitt Romney's best moment tonight was to layout the situation of the economy today and how some numbers. Are worse then they are today, like medium income falling to use as an example, 23M people still unemployed to use as a couple of examples but his worse moment was when he was caught saying. By the President that Russia was are number one World foe and when he pointed out that our Navy has the smallest number of ships and so fourth, a batting practice pitch, right. Down the middle of the plate and the President hit that softball out of the park, by saying that we also have the smallest number of horses in the Navy as well and why is that because. No longer need them we have these things called Air Craft carriers, we simply don't need as many horses anymore and that the Cold War ended with Russia twenty years ago, Mitt Romney. Didn't hit any homers tonight struggled to move the ball at all the whole night and mostly punted.

So overall I believe President Obama won this debate going away 17-20 points, because he was facing. An opponent that wasn't there to debate but to agree with him as often as possible and the only question is how the debate will affect the polls if at all and we'll know that later this week. But someone who looks strong which is what President Obama looked tonight, especially when it comes to Foreign Policy, should always beat a punching bag, who doesn't know what. They want to do on Foreign Policy and is kinda just there for the ride but we'll see later on.

The Southern Avenger: Jack Hunter: President Obama Kept Us Safe

Just the fact that a Conservative blogger would be willing to admit that President Obama kept us safe. Says it all, no matter what arguments that they make about President Obama's economic record, this is more then Mitt Romney would do.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

EuroNews: Russia: Voting Extended in Opposition Election

Good to see that Russia still has an opposition

National Journal: Beth Reinhard: Will Foreign-Policy Debate Give President Obama the Edge?

Will Foreign-Policy Debate Give Obama the Edge? -

This should be a debate that favors President Obama, if he just defends his Foreign Policy record, talks about. Where we were eight years ago and where we are today and the inconsistencies of Mitt Romney's positions on Foreign Policy and how he doesn't sound much different from President Bush, except for his inconsistencies.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Channel 4 News UK: Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell resigns

Trouble in the British Conservative Leadership

Newsmax: Rep. Jim Jordan: "Welfare Reform Starts With New White House Leadership"

As Representative Jordan puts it, the costs of Public Assistance goes up when the economy is in recession. Public Assistance is not up because the Obama Administration has set out to put more people on Public Assistance, as many Right Wingers have been claiming. You want to go further in Welfare Reform, from what President Clinton and a Republican Congress accomplished in 1996, it starts. With a strong growing economy, 1% Economic Growth doesn't accomplish that, we need to grow at three times that, to create the amount of jobs that we need to move people off of Public Assistance. And into the Middle Class, you get 3% or more in Economic Growth, then you can get 200K jobs plus per month to move people off of Public Assistance and then with that, we can invest in. Things like education and Job Training for people who are on Public Assistance, so they can get themselves a good job, we should already be doing that but its much easier to move people off of. Public Assistance and into the workforce, when we have a strong growing economy.

Weekly Standard: Morning Jay: "Mitt Romney and Modern Conservatism"

Morning Jay: Mitt Romney and Modern Conservatism

As Conservative Blogger Jack Hunter puts its and Jack is an actual Conservative, not someone who pretends. To be a Conservative but then supports Big Government policies, like Rick Santorum, Neoconservatism is not Conservatism and Neoconservatism is Modern Conservatism. Thirty years ago Conservatives were arguing that Big Government wasn't the solution but the problem, that we have to get. Big Government out of the boardrooms and bedrooms, to protect Individual Freedom, this what Barry Goldwater ran for President on in. 1964 and made his whole Congressional career about, fighting back against Big Government and what Ron Reagan got behind to advance his political career, Mitt Romney is not. A "Modern Conservative" or a Classical Conservative, Mitt Romney is whoever he needs to he feels to be, in order to win whatever office he's, running for, which is exactly why he's only won one Political Office. In his lifetime, people simply don't trust him, he has solid Economic Conservative credentials and thats where is principles end, everything else is about where he feels he needs to, to win whatever election he's running in.

National Journal: George E. Condon JR: Stocking the Cabinet: Who Might Serve in a Second Obama Administration?

Stocking the Cabinet: Who Might Serve in a Second Obama Administration? -

John Kerry looks like a solid possibility for the next Secretary of State

Washington Times: AP: Slobodan Lekic: President Ahmed Karzai Says Military, Police Ready to Take Over Security

Karzai says military, police ready to take over security - Washington Times

We can only hope this is true

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Commentary: Bethany Mandel: Newsflash: “Binders Full of Women is a Good Thing"

Commentary: Bethany Mandel: Newsflash: “Binders Full of Women” is a Good Thing: pAfter the first presidential debate, liberals clung to Mitt Romney’s off-the-cuff comments on Big Bird. Immediately, the statement was mocked and meme-ified. Romney’s larger point about wasteful government spending was lost to those who saw nothing worth praising in President Obama’s performance, and thus wanted to bring Romney’s down by any means necessary, no matter [...]/p

FRSFreeStatePlus: What do you expect from Neoconservatives, they actually believe the so called gaffes from Mitt Romney, Todd Akin and company. Are the truth and that is how men should talk and treat women, like they are property or something that can be placed in folders and that as long as they are being hired. And placed in responsible jobs, that if Republicans focus on the economy, things like equal pay for equal work, non discrimination policies, healthcare, choice. And other issues that women tend to favor Democrats over Republicans, these issues will simply go away.

I'll give you an example, last night in the Florida Senate Debate, between Representative Connie Mack and Senator Bill Nelson, the Ledbetter Law and the Violence Against Women Act. Both came up in the debate, Rep. Mack was asked about the VAWA, a law that was written by then Senator Joe Biden in the early 1990s, the law has expired in Congress, Rep. Mack was asked about. It and tried to focus on the economy and how his female relatives have influenced his life, completely dodging the question, Senator Nelson pointed that out and said he was in favor of the law. Democrats know how to talk to women, Neoconservatives simply do not.  

Washington Times: Opinion: Ron Robinson: "Why Your Kids Probably Won't Vote For Mitt Romney

ROBINSON: Why your kids probably won't vote for Romney - Washington Times

Unless they are pretty far to the right, people who follow the Rick Santorum's of the World, which is a pretty. Small minority of young Americans, Mitt Romney comes off way too stiff for a lot of young people and personality has a lot to do with how young people vote, thats just the way it is.

National Journal: Reid Wilson: Why Virginia Is Ground Zero in 2012

Why Virginia Is Ground Zero in 2012 -

President Obama doesn't have to have Virginia but if he holds it, he would take a Democratic Senate and increase. House Democrats chances of winning back the House with him.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Human Events: Newt Gingrich: "We Will Know Saturday: Townhall Lies, Moderator Bias and The Presidential Race"

Gingrich: We will know Saturday: Townhall lies, moderator bias and the presidential race - Conservative News

Looks like even Newt Gingrich has figured out that President Obama won the debate, by focusing his column on the moderator and style of the debate.

Washinton Times: Opinion: Michael Taube: "Presidential Debate Moderator Mediocrity"

TAUBE: Presidential debate moderator mediocrity - Washington Times

When you put the blame for a debate on your opponents style or the moderator, then you know you lost the debate. Style and moderator over substance, haven't seen many editorials or reports talking about the great debate that Mitt Romney had.

National Journal: Ron Fournier: President Obama Scores the Most Debate Points, but Verdict Uncertain

Obama Scores the Most Debate Points, but Verdict Uncertain -

President Obama landed the biggest shots in the debate last night

FRSFreeStatePlus: CNN: 2nd 2012 U.S. Presidential Debate Obama vs Romney: First Impressions

Here's part 2 of how I feel about tonight's debate between Governor Romney and President Obama. And in this part I'll focus on how I felt Mitt Romney did, the first part is over at my sister blog,, that you can read over there.

I think I can sum up how I believe Mitt Romney did tonight in a couple of sentences or less. All right two words and then I'll explain what I meant by that, missed opportunities, I believe the Mitt. Had a clear game plan in how to win tonight's debate, that he was going to make it about what he believes is President Obama's record, depending on what the questions were and try to hammer. His points home but what he didn't prepare for, was how President Obama would counter him, that again to use a boxing analogy, Mitt would hit Barack would a good first shot but then Barack would. Fire back and hit him harder and then win the round, I don't believe that Mitt had a counter strategy to how the President would counter him, he didn't have a plan b, he knew how to get. The first shot but if he got hit back and he Mitt got hit back the whole night, on taxes, energy, immigration, women's issues, Foreign Policy and so fourth, Mitt had a clear plan on how to hit. The President on these issues but didn't have a plan on how to hit Barack again, once he was hit back by the President, Mitt lost tonight to a man that was simply better prepared and as a result. Mitt was caught off guard for the first time in a few weeks.

I could go into what I believe Governor Romney needed to do to win the debate tonight but in a way I've. Already done that and laid out how I believe he failed, because he would get a good first shot in, when he would get the question first but the President would hit him back and hit him harder. So instead of Mitt having an opportunity to layout what he would do instead, he would find himself in position of having to defend himself, instead of being positive and thats how he lost. It was as if Mitt was expecting to see the same Barack Obama that the whole country saw two weeks ago. That he was going to continue to hit Barack Obama as if the President was a punching bag and didn't have a strategy in how to counter the President, when President Obama hit him back and thats. How Mitt Romney lost the debate tonight. President Obama didn't seal the deal for reelection but he did win by a clear 7-10 points, making the last debate that much more important.

FNC Fox & Friends: Senator Tom Coburn's Wastebook 2012 on FOX & Friends

Senator Tom Coburn and I probably don't agree on any of the Social Issues, except for maybe Civil Liberties. But Senator Coburn is a real Fiscal Conservative and does an excellent job when it comes to pointing out government waste.

EuroNews: Russia to Consider Smoking Ban

Big Government getting bigger in the Russian Federation

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Washington Times: John Harmon Mcelroy: Opinion: Leftists' Politically Correct Dictionary

MCELROY: Leftists' politically correct dictionary - Washington Times

Political Correctness at its best, is the belief that bigoted language is unacceptable and that people shouldn't hate. Each other because they may be different and treat people base on how they carry themselves, rather then how they look or live their private lives. Political Correctness goes to far, when it tries to outlaw Hate Speech or tries to protect people from having to hear Hate Speech.

National Journal: Secretary Hillary Clinton: 'I Take Responsibility' for Security Ahead of Libya Attack

Clinton: 'I Take Responsibility' for Security Ahead of Libya Attack -

Not everyday you hear a Public Official taking responsibility for something that went wrong

Monday, October 15, 2012

EuroNews: Panama Wants The Euro as Legal Tender

Panama looking to expand its market economically

Washington Examiner: Anacostia Riverfront Development

More development in a section of Washington that needs it

Washington Times: Opinion: NORIEGA: Hugo Chavez Victory May be Short-Lived

NORIEGA: Chavez victory may be short-lived - Washington Times

I don't like seeing people die, especially by murder but Venezuela would be better off with President Chavez. Out of power and they can move towards Liberal Democracy, instead of centralizing power with the ruling Socialist Party.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Alex Jones Show: "Bill Maher is a Threat To Humanity"

I don't like the language that Bill Maher uses on these issues, to say your "Pro Death", is extreme and disgusting. But I do agree with Maher's broader point that we shouldn't be in favor of protecting all lives and that some people simply deserve to die, the people who would otherwise take. Innocent life and represent a threat to the lives of innocent people, mass murderers would be an example of that. By the way Alex Jones is probably the last person that should be commenting on something that Bill Maher says, because you just the extreme from the other fringe.

Washington Examiner: Constitutional Party Presidential Nominee: Virgil Goode

Virgil Goode running on Mitt Romney's Far Right, which could hurt Mitt with Neoconservatives in States. Like Virginia and perhaps North Carolina, sorta how Gary Johnson could cost Barack Obama votes with Liberals in place like Florida.