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Monday, September 24, 2012

Heritage Foundation: "Income Inequality or Lost Opportunity? What's Threatening the American Dream"

Income Inequality or Lost Opportunity? What's Threatening the American Dream

Income Inequality is actually a problem, when the wealthy are getting wealthier on the backs of everyone else. Which is what we saw during the "Great Recession", rich people got richer, everyone else got poorer, lost their jobs,  savings, retirement, found themselves living off of Public Assistance for the first time in their. Lives etc, its not people being rich that is the problem, its how they get rich that can be a problem, do they create new wealth, which is good or do they get there by taking it out on the rest of the country. Run a company into the ground, lay people off and walk away with a big bailout funded by Tax Payers, what we need. Instead is an Opportunity Society, where every American has the opportunity to get the skills needed to be successful in life and is successful as their work and production will allow and then pays taxes based on. How much money they make, the wealthier paying more etc, thats an Economic System that works and is Economic Liberalism 101.