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Thursday, September 6, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Washington Examiner: Byron York Reacts to Bill Clinton Speech on Fox News: Bill Clinton Making a Better Case Then Barack Obama

Byron York hit the nail on the head on FNC when talking about Bill Clinton's speech last night, when he said. That Bill Clinton makes a better case for President Obama being reelected then the President for himself and here's why, because Barack Obama by nature is a very friendly man, probably. Too friendly when it comes to Washington, he has this idea that two sides may agree on nothing, maybe not even the weather when they are standing outside together, Joe thinks it chilly, Bob thinks its cool. But if you put them together in the same room, their better natures will takeover and they will realize that neither one of them can get all they want and will both agree. That a good deal is better then nothing, this is what the President attempted in Healthcare Reform, the Recovery Act and Wall Street Reform and not even considered the possibility. That the other side is here not to work together and get a better deal but halt any possible progress on anything. To the best that they can and the President got rolled by this in his first two years, President Obama's strength is not that of a fighter but someone who lays down what the vision is. And because of the vision that will automatically bring both sides together and hammer out the details.

What President Clinton did last night was to tell President Obama, I know you don't like to fight, I don't like to fight. But when you are in the ring, which is what an election is and the other side is throwing punches and they keep nailing you and even if they are cheating with the punches. They are throwing, lets say they have brass knuckles under their gloves, which is clearly illegal in boxing and in the political sense that means unfair attacks, making bogus charges. Against your opponent and you don't fight back, those punches end up stinging because voters assume that they are true because the guy whose getting hit, is just standing their like a punching bag. And getting hit so these punches much be true and you end up taking a beating in the fight. What President Clinton did last night showed President Obama how to fight back and defend yourself.

President Clinton ended up last night clearing the path and showing President Obama the way back to reelection. How to defend yourself and show Americans how and why things are getting better and why President Obama deserves credit for it and why a Romney/Ryan Administration would be. A disaster for the country and how you fight back against the Tea Party GOP and what the President has to do tonight is continue to make the case for reelection and where we should go from here as a country.