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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Romney/Ryan Campaign: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan: "Peace Through Strength Works": What Neoconservatives Don't Understand about It

The whole philosophy of Peace Through Strength, thats been around well before the Reagan Administration. Is that America should never negotiate when they are weak, that they only should negotiate when they are strong, which is how we were able to negotiate Arms Reduction Treaties with the Soviet Union in the 1980s and early 70s, because we were up and they were down. Strength is yes a strong military that can more then defend ourselves from any threat in the World and protect our allies when they need it. But also when our economy is strong and when the country is strong, when other nations especially our rivals, don't have leverage over us or their leverage is minimal. Meaning they don't own a lot of our property or economy, don't own a lot of our debt and so fourth, which is what countries like China and Saudi Arabia currently have over use. What Japan use to have over us and if anything we have leverage over Japan today, Peace Through Strength is not making the military the cornerstone of Foreign Policy. That if we are strong we must use our force and attack countries we don't like because we don't like them, which is what the Bush Administration did in the last decade.

Unfortunately Mitt Romney doesn't seem to have Bill Clinton or Ron Reagan or even Dick Nixon's idea of Peace Through Strength. President Reagan didn't build up the US Military which actually started in the late 1970s with President Carter, because he expected to attack countries. Around the World he didn't like to go to war with Russia, the idea was to be so strong, so that other countries wouldn't want to attack us and even if they did, we would be more then. Strong enough to defend any attack that came our way, the other element of it was to let Russia know they simply couldn't beat us in an Arms Race. They simply didn't have the resources to compete with us, there economy wasn't nearly strong enough, we are a Developed Nation with the largest economy. In the World, Russia back then had bread lines and people waiting to receive basic Human Services, that you would see in a Third World country.

If you listen to Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the 2012 RNC and the only thing I remember from it. Was that we have to talk tough with Russia and China, well that generally means the military because we don't have a lot of other diplomatic leverage over either country right now. Again strength with Neoconservative means use of military, when the traditional definition meant having a strong military but having that to prevent people from attacking you. Not going on offense and having a stronger country broadly as well.