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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus; Romney/Ryan 2012: GOP VP Nominee Paul Ryan: "Hard Work, Not Redistribution, Built Our Economy": What Redistribution of Wealth Actually Is

Representative Paul Ryan who I believe is a trained economist or at least has an economics background. Who serves on the House Ways and Means Committee as well as Chairman of the Budget Committee, two House Committees that basically cover nothing but Economic Policy. Said today that he and Mitt Romney aren't running to lead the country to redistribute wealth, well if you are going. To take that statement at face value, coming from Representative Ryan the last month or so, taking him at face value would be a gift, with some of the bogus claims that he's been making. But lets assume he's a complete idiot who doesn't know what the Hell he's talking about just for this blog. And then I'll go back to assuming he's not an idiot, at least not a complete idiot but as we assume this, keep in mind what assuming can do to us, it can make an ass out of you me. But again lets assume he believes what he's saying for this blog, if he and Mitt Romney aren't going to redistribute wealth. If somehow they were ever to get into office and Arizona got hit by a hurricane tomorrow, that implies that they are no longer going to collect taxes to pay for defense spending. To award defense contractors for the military supplies we use or collect gas taxes to pay for roads or other taxes to pay for Medical Research, I could go on but should've gotten the point by now.

If you listen to todays GOP, you would think the whole concept of wealth redistribution, has to do with taking money from hardworking. Successful Americans, the Mitt Romney's of the World to take care of the people who dropped out of High School so they can sit at home all day, collecting. Public Assistance and having as many kids as they want, because they know Uncle Sam has their back, because he'll just reach into the pockets of Tax Payers to take care of people who are unemployed. Or are Low Income workers, when in that fact thats only part of wealth redistribution, redistribution of wealth is government collecting taxes to pay for things that it sees as priorities. In the case of the Federal Government, that means national priorities, for a State that would be State priorities and so fourth, thats exactly what it is and all it is. It just happens to cover a broad range of issues in the country.

What you get from todays GOP on this issue is nothing but Class Warfare, pitting successful Americans against people. Who didn't finish school and have never held a job that makes them Self Sufficient and gets them off of Public Assistance, the whole the makers vs the takers theory. Thanks to Mitt Romney and its an old argument thats finally run out of gas, that only todays GOP is dumb enough to buy.