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Friday, September 7, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Mitt Romney: "President Obama Made More Promises He Won't Be Able To Keep": What Does Mitt Have To Offer Instead?

I would say that Mitt Romney is good at telling people what's wrong with America and the economy and so fourth. But then I be lying, because thats clearly not true, Mitt doesn't even do a good job of telling people what he would do instead, because the country doesn't want to hear it. Which is why I believe he and Paul Ryan have been so lax in telling people what their plan for turning the economy around is. Because they don't have anything that the country wants to buy, including some Republicans. Why because its as if George W. Bush is the Romney/Ryan Campaign Economic Adviser, thats what they have to offer, more of the same from the last decade, Supply Side/Borrow and Spend Economics. Thats how you run up a debt of 6T$ in eight years and except for the last two years, had a much better economy then President Obama in his first four years, still a bad economy. But the "Great Recession" hit in late 2008, what Romney/Ryan want to do is cut taxes for the wealthy by over a trillion dollars. While raising taxes on the Middle Class by 200B$, I'm guessing to help finance the Tax Cuts. For the wealthy or to finance the increase in defense spending that the Pentagon doesn't want.

Sometimes running with nothing can work and get you elected, if you can articulate why and how things are bad and be able to communicate that its time to fire your opponent. The thing is that you have to be able to do it in a credible way thats believable, so when you attack your opponent. And make claims about him or her, the Independent fact checkers don't call you out on false statements, the next day or right after you make your claims. Which is what happened to Paul Ryan last week. When he accepted the GOP Vice Presidential Nomination, fact checkers called him out. On Welfare Reform and other bogus claims he made about President Obama and remember Representative Ryan's reputation in Congress just a month ago, what that of a straight shooter. But he met Mitt Romney and thats changing and thats what can happen when a straight shooter meets a flip flopper, you become a flip flopper or become loose with facts yourself.

Remember as bad as the economy is right now, Mitt Romney is essentially stuck in a tie with President Obama. And why is that because the country doesn't like and believe him, he's known for flip flopping and hasn't been able to articulate any plan that looks any different from what the Bush Administration. Has already done which is what the country doesn't want to go back to.