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Friday, September 28, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Human Events: John Gizzi: Best Debate Moments Fuzzy Math/Lockbox: The Lighter Moments in Presidential Debates

There are several things I remember about the 2000 General Elections and not just the Presidential Election. Which was the most memorable, as someone who lived through it who was in my mid twenties and still has that race fresh in my head. These twelve years have gone by pretty quickly but the most memorable moments had to be the debates, I know I'm a Democrat and everything but after watching. The first debate where Vice President Al Gore has something like a two point lead going into the debate, the race was basically tied after he was trailing Governor George W. Bush for the entire. Summer up until the conventions and then Vice President Gore gets a clear bounce out of the DNC and essentially ties the race, a little up or down so these debates were critical. And after watching the first debate, I thought to myself, that Gore is whipping Bush and taking him apart. On every issue, especially the taxes and where we were just eight years ago and where we are now and do we really want to go back to that and Bush either not picking up on Gore scoring points. On him or not able to respond to them, not knowing how to counter Gore's points, since Gore was bringing up all these stats and everything and we all knew that math wasn't a strong subject. Of President Bush and perhaps not of Governor Bush either, so he responds by saying "fuzzy math", there are so many numbers, they can't all be right or something.

If this debate was just about the debate itself and the issues that Gore and Bush covered and not about. Personal gestures and Al Gore just kept his mouth shut when he wasn't talking, this election might of been over after the first debate or Gore at least walks out of it with a clear lead. North of five points, because voters would be saying look at Al Gore, we might not like him personally but he clearly looks up to the job and well versed on the issues and George Bush, doesn't. Look up to it yet, he doesn't seem to know what to say or have a strong grasp on the issues, Gore kept picking him apart and Bush couldn't respond. But what's the debate known for instead. Al Gore's rude gestures when he didn't have the time, his awful body language, that might be suitable for a sporting event but not for dinner or a important meeting and certainly not for a national. Stage where nothing less then the Presidency of the United States is at stake.