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Thursday, September 13, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: House Leader Eric Cantor: "We Ask The President Simply To Come Forward With A Plan": The GOP Doesn't Like The Plan

President Bill Clinton used about as strong as a word that can be used on National TV, without saying what he probably wanted to say. Last week at the DNC, when he said "you gotta give Republicans a lot of credit, it takes a lot of brass to criticize the someone else for doing what you are doing". President Clinton was talking about Representative Paul Ryan's plan to reform Medicare, Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration found 716B$ in savings in Medicare, when they passed. The 2010 Affordable Care Act, Representative Ryan would save Medicare the same amount of money in his plan but he criticize President Obama for cutting Medicare by 716B$, thats what Bill Clinton. Was talking about, well and I'll just say it because whose going to censor or fine me, I'm a blogger, the Republicans must have a lot of balls for criticizing President Obama for cutting defense. When they voted for the same defense cuts as part as the Debt Ceiling deal in the summer of 2011 and they are now calling those cuts President Obama's cuts and trying to make him look soft on National Security. Even though he has a ten point lead which will probably only get larger because of Mitt Romney said yesterday on National Security.

I'm not going to say Democrats have a plan to cut the debt and deficit but they have an approach. They just haven't written it out and proposed it in Congress yet, but they have an approach that would get our debt and deficit under control and its similar to Bowles-Simpson but they don't go as far. Which would include Entitlement Reform, making savings in defense by closing bases around the World we no longer need or use and Tax Reform. The reason for the defense cuts last year, was because the House GOP would refuse to agree to any new revenue as part of the agreement. Even things like closing Tax Loopholes and they concluded that they rather cut defense then close wasteful Tax Loopholes or require the wealthy to pay more taxes. Its that simple the House GOP seems to have this idea that since they control 1-3 of the law making section of the Federal Government. That they have all the power and that Democrats are going to automatically do whatever they want them to do.

The Tea Party may of ran for Congress to change things in Washington and never compromise but thats not how Washington works. We are still a two party system and when one party doesn't have all of the power, both parties have to work together in order to accomplish anything and that includes. Doing things you normally wouldn't do, which is what House Leader Eric Cantor doesn't understand and probably why this is the biggest job he'll ever have.