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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Gary DeMar Show: The Bulwarks of the Conservative Movement: The Death of Conservative Intellectualism

I saw a column in the lets say the Progressive Magazine The Nation last night by a Progressive writer named Eric Alterman. Someone who I have a lot of respect for but who I rarely agree with as a Liberal myself at least on Economic and Foreign Policy, I read from a lot of writers that I tend to disagree with. Its more interesting for me and I like to write counter arguments to their thoughts which you see a lot of everyday on this blog. And Mr. Alterman wrote a piece with a title of something like The Death of Conservative Intellectuals or something like that, how todays Right Wing has moved away from Conservative Intellectualism, which to me is dead on and I would argue that Conservative Intellectualism. Died when Bill Buckely died a few years ago and perhaps even died when Mr. Buckley was still alive when George W. Bush became President of the United States back in 2001. Think about what Conservatism is about, limiting what government can do to and for its people, its about conserving Individual Freedom, not subtracting or limiting Individual Freedom. But what did we get from President Bush and those Republican Congress's, an expansion of the Federal Government. From things like Public Education, healthcare by expanding Medicare and two unfunded wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What did we also get at Tax Payers expense or that was added onto the debt, from someone who was suppose to be a Conservative. The Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention, that is the Federal Government can now lock people up indefinitely with no trial or hearings, if they believe someone. Is a threat to our National Security, I don't want to make this blog about bashing President Bush other the to say that he wasn't a Conservative President, compassionate sure, I don't see. George W. Bush as a bad man but I don't see him as a Conservative either based on his record. But President Bush who I would consider to be a Neoconservative, is actually fairly moderate compared with the post Bush Administration GOP, thats for going even farther to subtracting. Americans freedom rather then protecting it, on issues as it relates to privacy, voting and immigration and even Fiscal Policy when it comes to the debt.

I wish I was an adult or at least around when Barry Goldwater was a major player in Congress and in National Politics as a whole. And I wish Ron Reagan was still around because this is what Conservatism is about and Conservatism at its height and a true competitor to Liberalism, that. Gave Liberals such as myself a real competitor when we are debating politics. What I get instead is when I get in these debates, are people who claim to be Conservatives and talk about the. Importance of freedom on one hand and on the other they talk about that Americans have too much freedom and that it needs to be subtracted and certain things should be outlawed.