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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: FNC FOX & Friends: "Fox News Stands By Its Man Mitt Romney And His '47 %' Remarks": Why So Many Americans Are Dependent on Public Assistance

Whether Mitt Romney's claim about the 47% of Americans who don't pay taxes is true or not, its not true first of all. Mitt Romney is probably talking about Income Taxes here but the fact is anyone in the United States whose bought something or buys things legally, has paid taxes somewhere in the country. Escaping taxes in America is try trying to escape your shadow, the only way you can do that is by living in the dark, we all pay taxes in some form, the only question is how much of our. Income that we do pay in taxes but for the sake of this blog, lets say Governor Romney is correct, why is that so, because we've decided as a country, meaning the Federal Government in this case. Has made this decision that people who only make a certain amount in income, Low Income workers or people who are unemployed and live off of Public Assistance, shouldn't have to pay Income Taxes. At least not federally, because they barely have enough money to survive with whatever they have and whatever assistance they can get from charities. There use to be a Bi Partisan consensus on this, the Earned Income Tax Credit that goes to Low Income workers, money they get. Back after Federal Income Taxes, was originally a Republican idea and Republicans have moved away from that.

The other reason why we have so many Americans who don't pay Federal Income Taxes, is because we have a lot of Low Income people in this country. Roughly 20% of the country depending on what stats you look at, live at or below the Federal Poverty Level and a lot of that has to do with the "Great Recession" that has transfered Middle Class workers to poverty. But thats not the whole story, we as a country haven't done a very good of helping people in poverty get themselves. Out of poverty, we've decided that its better to just give people in poverty money, food and other basic items to help them survive but not actually empower them to get themselves. Out of poverty, just leave them in poverty but with a few extra buck and some extra food to eat, Public Housing that sorta thing and thats not what you'll hear from Mitt Romney. What you hear from Governor Romney is that too many people in poverty, fire the President and vote for me.

I'm glad Mitt Romney is being so honest for a change about anything from him really at least lately. Most of this campaign at least since the summer is, he says something and figures out that wasn't popular and then says well what I meant to say was but on these issues. He's been candid lately and taken on tough controversial subjects and its something I hope he sticks with. Especially if he offers solutions to the issues he's talking about.