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Monday, September 17, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: The Daily Caller: Rep. Brad Sherman: "12 Million Illegals Need Documents To Function in Society: How to Reform Immigration

If the Far Right had their way and unfortunately they represent a lot of the Republican Party right now. The United States would attempt and this would never happen, its simply physically impossible to accomplish this but the United States would deport 12-15M Illegal Immigrants in America, they basically would try to deport an entire country. Good luck with that, why you are at it why don't you try to fly to the moon in a paper airplane and report the results on that to us. If the Far Left had their way and they control less of the Democratic Party but a considerable minority, we would slap the. Hands of the 12-15M Illegal Immigrants, give them what Right Wingers call amnesty and in this case the Right Wing would be correct, because when you let people off who've committed felonies. Especially a population this large, thats exactly what you are doing and then they would be asked well what about Rule of Law, well are Immigration Laws are dumb anyway so they don't. Need to be enforced, another words they only believe in enforcing laws they agree with, which is why the children in this debate on both sides need to get out of the kitchen and go to the. Kiddy table and let the adults in the room figure out this problem.

What we need to be doing first and foremost is securing the borders, Southern and Northern but especially Northern at this point. And prevent terrorists and other criminals from coming into this country and any Illegal Immigrants who are felons in this country and have committed felons. Besides just entering the United States illegally, need to be kicked out and sent home but for the people who've entered this country and the only felons they've committed are entering. America illegally and work hard and are able to support themselves and aren't going to be stuck on Public Assistance in this country, we need to work with these people, bring them out. Of the dark and into mainstream society, not let them off for being Illegal Immigrants, they should be sanctioned for that, just not kicked out of the country. Pay a fine for entering the country illegally and that fine would be based on how long they've lived in the country illegally. That they can payoff out of their paychecks and get what I would call Probational Residency, that they would have to able to renew to continue to stay in the country.

Illegal Immigrants shouldn't be given amnesty or automatically be rewarded American Citizenship or. Be able to to get ahead of all the Legal Immigrants in the country as far as obtaining American Citizenship but for the people who are just here to work hard and make a life for themselves. In this country and not be criminals, we need to bring these people out in the open, instead of holding them down, while at the same time we are enforcing our borders.