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Monday, September 10, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: The Daily Caller: Gloria Allred: "We Won't let Mitt Romney, GOP Take Away Our Contraceptives": How the Female Vote Will Decide The Presidential Election

I wrote a blog back in I believe June basically going off on words that are overused in American Culture. And the word war was one of the favorites to pick on as far as words that get overused in this country, whenever people don't like what the other side is doing and they see what they are doing. As against whatever they are doing or believe they are trying to take away whatever they like and protect, they say so and so has started a war on women or war on religion or war on workers etc. These are simply not wars, wars are people fighting each other with weapons, where people lose their lives and where even innocent people die, like the Iraq War or Vietnam War to use as examples. Those are real wars, these other things are campaigns or debates but they aren't wars, having said all of that, I do agree with these Democrats that say that today's GOP however you want to define it, just as long as you don't say Conservative, because they are no longer a Conservative Party. But more of a Statist Party, that today's GOP is trying to turn the clock back when it comes to certain Social Freedoms that Americans have now enjoyed for forty, fifty or even sixty years. Depending on what issues you are talking about and as it relates to women's health, trying to restrict what healthcare they can have.

This whole debate is one thing that will decide the Presidential Election, President Obama is up 54-42 when it comes to female Americans. And thats across the board and what Democrats are doing and so far they've been successful in making this argument that America can't afford to elect Mitt Romney. To go along with a Tea Party Congress, because they would enact laws that would restrict women's ability to get certain healthcare procedures, because they see things as Birth Control. To use as an example as immoral and things like condoms would become illegal in the future, because they prevent pregnancies and that a President Romney would nominate Federal Judges that would roll back women's healthcare and women's rights. Which is something that Democrats went out of their way to remind Democrats that they have to have turn out and vote this year. And not stay home and not vote as well as Independents who see this type of Right Wing ideology as extreme.

What Democrats want to do is remind female Democrats that they personally can't afford to stay at home. And can't personally afford a President Romney and a Tea Party Congress, because it would hurt and affect them personally, it would cost them rights that they have today. Thats a big part of the 2012 DNC and the so called War on Women Campaign to remind women why they have to reelect the President. And by looking at the polls, so far Democrats are winning.