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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Commentary: "Media Shocked GOP Hasn’t Conceded"

Media Shocked GOP Hasn’t Conceded: pWhen the mainstream media declares that Mitt Romney is finished, they expect everyone in the Republican Party to not just listen but to act accordingly. That’s the only way to respond to an astonishingly obtuse feature in Politico that centers on the willingness of GOP congressional candidates to embrace Romney. The story begins in this [...]/p

More like shocked that Republicans aren't doing much better in an election that on paper at least should've favored. Them big time, with a golden opportunity to not only win back the White House, take back the Senate and hold onto the House. But as they say elections aren't won on paper or at least I say that and you still have to produce the candidates to win these elections, especially when you are going up against. A well funded opposition and the GOP simply hasn't done that, at the top with Mitt Romney, go to the Senate in Maine, Indiana and now Missouri, a lot of seats that House Republicans won in 2010 are still in play. Like in New Hampshire and Florida, as well as House Republicans who were already there in 2010, good Republicans like Dan Lungren in California, who really is a Reagan Republican. Its looking more and like 2012 is not a Republican year.