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Sunday, September 30, 2012

National Journal: Chris Christie on Debate: 'Entire Narrative of This Race Will Change'

Chris Christie on Debate: 'Entire Narrative of This Race Will Change' -

Sounds like Chris Christie is trying to raise expectations for Mitt Romney in this debate, which could backfire for Mitt. By putting more pressure on him, especially if Mitt doesn't come through.

Human Events: John Gizzi: Best Debate Moments: 1976 VP Debate, Senator Bob Dole

Bob Dole really hurt his reputation in this debate by looking like a hatchet man

Washington Times: TKACIK: "China Builds Nuclear Arsenal While Rest of The World Disarms"

TKACIK: China builds nuclear arsenal while rest of the world disarms - Washington Times

This is one of the most warped opinions I've ever heard, China is arming itself, which is has the right to do. They are attacking or invading other countries, they simply want to be the World's next superpower, that has. Similar capability as America, the United States is simply not disarming but Europe is sorta taking a backstreet and relies way too much on America for its protection and needs to be able to take care of its own. National Security that it has the resources to provide for itself, while America can invest more in the United States, while we pay or national debt and deficit down.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

FOX News: News Headquarters: Manhunt Intensifies for California Bank Robbery Suspects

Isn't California already bankrupt enough, pun intended

Weekly Standard: Fred Barnes: They’re on a Losing Streak: The State Of Washingtonian Republicanism

They’re on a Losing Streak

Perhaps State Washingtonians are Classical Liberals such as myself and don't want government in their bedrooms and boardrooms. And they believe that they can keep government out of their personal lives, by keeping Washington Republicans out of government and can keep Progressives out of their wallets, by voting. Down tax increases and more government by ballot.

Washington Times: Opinion: David Horowitz: "Barack Obama Still Wants to Fundamentally Transform America

HOROWITZ: Obama still wants to fundamentally transform America - Washington Times

These scare tactics didn't work against Barack Obama in 2008 and are they aren't working in 2012. America is much smarter and better then this.

Friday, September 28, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Human Events: John Gizzi: Best Debate Moments Fuzzy Math/Lockbox: The Lighter Moments in Presidential Debates

There are several things I remember about the 2000 General Elections and not just the Presidential Election. Which was the most memorable, as someone who lived through it who was in my mid twenties and still has that race fresh in my head. These twelve years have gone by pretty quickly but the most memorable moments had to be the debates, I know I'm a Democrat and everything but after watching. The first debate where Vice President Al Gore has something like a two point lead going into the debate, the race was basically tied after he was trailing Governor George W. Bush for the entire. Summer up until the conventions and then Vice President Gore gets a clear bounce out of the DNC and essentially ties the race, a little up or down so these debates were critical. And after watching the first debate, I thought to myself, that Gore is whipping Bush and taking him apart. On every issue, especially the taxes and where we were just eight years ago and where we are now and do we really want to go back to that and Bush either not picking up on Gore scoring points. On him or not able to respond to them, not knowing how to counter Gore's points, since Gore was bringing up all these stats and everything and we all knew that math wasn't a strong subject. Of President Bush and perhaps not of Governor Bush either, so he responds by saying "fuzzy math", there are so many numbers, they can't all be right or something.

If this debate was just about the debate itself and the issues that Gore and Bush covered and not about. Personal gestures and Al Gore just kept his mouth shut when he wasn't talking, this election might of been over after the first debate or Gore at least walks out of it with a clear lead. North of five points, because voters would be saying look at Al Gore, we might not like him personally but he clearly looks up to the job and well versed on the issues and George Bush, doesn't. Look up to it yet, he doesn't seem to know what to say or have a strong grasp on the issues, Gore kept picking him apart and Bush couldn't respond. But what's the debate known for instead. Al Gore's rude gestures when he didn't have the time, his awful body language, that might be suitable for a sporting event but not for dinner or a important meeting and certainly not for a national. Stage where nothing less then the Presidency of the United States is at stake.

Human Events: John Gizzi: Will National GOP Now Aid Rep. Todd Akin's Missouri Senate Run?

Will National GOP now aid Akin's Missouri Senate run? - Conservative News

Senate Democrats would love the GOP to come to the aid of Representative Todd Akin, whose going to lose thanks to himself. Because this would mean less money for them to spend in Virginia, Montana and Wisconsin and in other close races.

National Journal: Charlie Cook: Shades of 1996

Shades of 1996 -

1996 is looking like a great year for President Obama at this point

Washington Times: Representative Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan Falls Flat With Seniors

Ryan’s Medicare plan falls flat with seniors - Washington Times

What does Paul Ryan bring to the table for Mitt Romney at this point, even the Far Right is not thrilled with him

Thursday, September 27, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: Fox & Friends: "The Polls Are Rigged!": Are They Really This Dumb?

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: Fox & Friends: "The Polls Are Rigged!": Are They Really This Dumb?

FRSFreeStatePlus: Newsmax: Jerry Falwell, Jr.: "We'll See Real Obama, True Intentions in 2nd Term": The Barack Obama The Far Right Prefers to See

If you look at the Far Right in America, people I prefer to call Neoconservatives and Neoconservatives. Aren't just people that have a certain view when it comes to Foreign Policy and National Security but have a broad political view that covers all issues, just like Socialism is not. Just an Economic Policy and if you look at Neoconservative Americans and how they view Barack Obama and somehow you were to take their view at face value or even seriously and if you do, you probably. Also believe in Marshans but if you take Neoconservatives seriously about Barack Obama, he's this Illegal Immigrant from Kenya, whose not even qualified to be President of the United States. Legally, because of course he's an Immigrant, Illegal at that, who should be deported back to Kenya, whose trying to convert the United States into some type of Socialist State, where only Atheists. Muslins and perhaps other Eastern Religions are welcome in America, thats the sanity level as well as intelligence of the Far Right in America, if you don't look at America and the World. That they do, which is a very narrow World and country, ranging from the Deep South and perhaps up to the Rocky Mountains, if you don't look at the World and country that they do, you are. Un American and probably should be deported or at least in jail.

So what Jerry Falwell, JR and people who think like him, if you want to call this thinking, are trying. To scare Americans into believing, especially swing voters in these swing States, where Americans aren't in love with President Obama or don't hate him, they have mixed feelings about him. To try to convince these people that Barack Obama is not one of us, he's not really an American, he doesn't think like an American, hell he wasn't even born in this country, this is what. Neoconservatives are trying to convince Americans into believing and that you made a horrible mistake in voting for him in 2008 and if you reelect him, it will be the end of America at. Least as they see it, where all Americans would be welcome in this country, all ethnicities, races, religions and so fourth and the country will no longer be, even though we haven't been for a. Long time now, a 1950s America where people who didn't have this very narrow view of America, weren't prevalent in the country.

FOX News: Special Report: Bain Capital Attack Ads Against Mitt Romney Impacting Voters?

Mitt Romney wants to run as a successful businessman who knows how to turn the economy around. Because he knows how to run a business, President Obama has a right to question Mitt's business career and not automatically take his word for it.

Commentary: "Media Shocked GOP Hasn’t Conceded"

Media Shocked GOP Hasn’t Conceded: pWhen the mainstream media declares that Mitt Romney is finished, they expect everyone in the Republican Party to not just listen but to act accordingly. That’s the only way to respond to an astonishingly obtuse feature in Politico that centers on the willingness of GOP congressional candidates to embrace Romney. The story begins in this [...]/p

More like shocked that Republicans aren't doing much better in an election that on paper at least should've favored. Them big time, with a golden opportunity to not only win back the White House, take back the Senate and hold onto the House. But as they say elections aren't won on paper or at least I say that and you still have to produce the candidates to win these elections, especially when you are going up against. A well funded opposition and the GOP simply hasn't done that, at the top with Mitt Romney, go to the Senate in Maine, Indiana and now Missouri, a lot of seats that House Republicans won in 2010 are still in play. Like in New Hampshire and Florida, as well as House Republicans who were already there in 2010, good Republicans like Dan Lungren in California, who really is a Reagan Republican. Its looking more and like 2012 is not a Republican year.

Washington Times: It’s a Whole New Brew for Brash Tea Party Hero Rep. Allen West

It’s a whole new brew for brash tea party hero West - Washington Times

House Democrats path back to majority is through the Tea Party

National Journal: Reid Wilson: How a Mitt Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP

How a Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP -

Hopefully the adults will finally stand up in the GOP, instead of leaving it and take back the party and say we. Need to be a Fiscally Conservative Party that believes in Economic Freedom but we also believe in Social Freedom and we are not going to invade peoples bedrooms, while we stay out of their wallets and start. Welcoming new voters that they are going to have to have to remain viable in the future, bring these people back and the Neoconservatives will probably walkout and form some new Far Right party but the GOP. Would bring in a not more new voters to makeup for it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Discovery: The Proud History of the Republican Party: How The GOP Has Moved Away From The Party of Lincoln

There was a time that the Republican Party was actually the Party of Civil Rights and Individual Freedom. And not just Civil Rights for Caucasians and Economic Freedom for the wealthy and Religious Freedom for Christians and Social Freedom for people who think and look at the World as they do. Who live in a certain part of the country and so fourth but Economic, Social and Religious Freedom for everyone, where Civil Rights and Individual Freedom trumped States Rights and bigotry. The Party of Lincoln lasted from around 1860 when Abraham Lincoln ran and was elected President, through, the Civil War that freed the African Slaves. Until through 1940 when the GOP nominated Wendell Willkie for President, who was pro Civil Rights, as well as Tom Dewey in 1944 and 48, Dwight Eisenhower. Had a good Civil Rights record as well, Richard Nixon with all of his flaws, had a solid Civil Rights record, same thing with Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan was completely against bigotry. George H.W. Bush had a good Civil Rights record as well as President. In the 1960s and well before that, Democrats couldn't pass Civil Rights legislation at all, in either the House or Senate. Without Republican support and Republicans working in their behalf to pass those bills, the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s don't become law, without Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen, bringing Senate Republicans with him on those bills.

This stared changing in the late 1960s, well actually starting in 1966 when Congressional Republicans. Picked up a bunch of seats in Congress from the South, especially in the House, thanks to the Civil Rights Laws, Southern Democrats who were really Democrats in name only, became Republicans. Dick Nixon doesn't become President in 1969, without the South in 1968 and then the Religious Right goes Republican and starts having a loud and powerful voice in American Politics starting. In the mid 1970s, issues like abortion, homosexuality and pornography become key issues that Republicans feel the need to push and limit Americans choice when it comes to these issues and. Start pushing bans on these things, so a Republican Party that once almost looked Libertarian or Conservative in the classical sense, starts to become more Statist and Authoritarian on some of these key Social Issues.

For the Republican Party to remain a major Political Party in the future, they are simply going to have. To change and be able to adapt to the new Americans and voters, who don't want government in their homes and probably not wallets either and the good news for the GOP, they were. Once a party that could communicate to a broad base of voters, because they saw them as low tax but also as people who wouldn't interfere in their private lives and thats what they need. To get back to, to remain relevant in American Politics.

Washington Examiner: Pepco Protestors

Pepco more then deserves this for the lousy quality of service they provide where little short storms. Can cause Washingtonians and Marylanders power for days, even in hundred degree heat waves, like back in July, they are a monopoly that needs to be broken up, by either finding another. Company that takes its place or taxing it, whenever the power goes out like this, so it costs them money, when they aren't providing the service Washingtonians and Marylanders rely on to live their lives.

Washington Times: Outweighed Republicans Skeptical of Polls’ Left Tilt

Outweighed Republicans skeptical of polls’ left tilt - Washington Times

So this is the excuse, along with blaming the Left Wing Media, that Republicans will be making once they lose

National Journal: Steve Shepard: Polls: President Obama Holds Big Leads in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Polls: Obama Holds Big Leads in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania -

The Romeny/Ryan Campaign needs to study the term game change and figure out exactly what that means. Because they definitely need one right now.

Right Coast: French Socialist President Jokingly Mulls Backing Mitt Romney

Right Coast: FRENCH SOCIALIST LEADER JOKINGLY MULLS BACKING ROM...: France's President Francois Hollande showed a fine understanding of American politics Tuesday when he refused to endorse a US presidentia...

Well Mitt Romney does speak French, so I guess that means he's a Socialist to use current GOP thinking

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Info Wars: Gary Johnson: "Both Candidates will Give You A Greater Police State": The Weakness's of President Obama

Its not the economy that I fault President Obama, even though he could've done a better job with the. American Recovery Act and blogged that three years ago and he should've pushed the American Jobs Act in 2010, had another opportunity to strengthen the economy then, that could've solved a lot. Of our economic problems that we have today, relating to Economic Growth, which is the main reason for the lack of Job Growth, President Obama inherited an awful situation with an economy headed. Towards depression and the Recovery Act helped put the breaks on that and buy the economy time to recover, I sorta give the President a pass on that but he could've done things better. Foreign Policy, especially considering that Barack Obama is a first term President with no prior executive experience. At least in government, we are getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq, Osama Bin Laden is dead, Al Quadea is weaker, Moamarr Quadaffi is dead, Libya is headed towards Democracy. A lot of good things have happened in the World since Barack Obama has become President and he's played a role in those things.

My issues with President Obama have to do with Civil Liberties and Social Freedom broadly. Its real hard to tell the difference between President Obama and President Bush, as well as other Neoconservatives. When it comes to the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and the War on Drugs, President Obama has been worst then President Bush when it comes to the War on Drugs, especially. As it relates to marijuana, arresting adults for possessing or using marijuana and sending them for prison for that and people wonder why we have 2M people in prison, the largest prison population. In the World, it shouldn't be any wonder to anyone why we have so many people in prison, a country thats suppose to be a Liberal Democracy, prisons are for people who hurt. Innocent people, not for people who possess or smoke pot or what they do to themselves, so if President Obama was stronger when it came to Individual Freedom, he might be a great President right now.

FOX News: Election Headquarters: Maryland US House Candidate Accused of Voter Fraud

House Democrats can now forget about winning this election

Weekly Standard: Bill Kristol: President Obama's U.N. Address

President Obama's U.N. Address

I prefer the Obama approach over Indefinite War, meaning we stay in the fight no matter what at any cost. Where we might win the war officially but lose it by paying a heavy price with our blood and treasure, 3T$ for Afghanistan and Iraq, all on the National Debt Card, because President Bush. Didn't have the Leadership to tell Americans that wars come with heavy cost, blood, sweat, tears and cash and not all wars are winnable.

Washington Times: Governor Jeb Bush: Schools' Expectations Should be Colorblind

BUSH: Schools' expectations should be colorblind - Washington Times

Governor Bush is correct, we shouldn't judge whether students will be successful or not, based on their race. But judge them as individuals, based on what they are capable of learning and the best way to teach them as individuals.

National Journal: Obama Administration Warns Hospitals on Fraud

Obama Administration Warns Hospitals on Fraud -

Healthcare Fraud is a big waste in our system

Monday, September 24, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: The Daily Caller: Nicholas Ballasy: Sen. Schumer: An Obama Victory Will 'Strengthen' GOP, Hurt Tea Party": Where The GOP Could go From Here

As someone who does believe in the Two Party System to this extent, I believe in having the Democratic and Republican Parties. Around to prevent the United States from becoming a One Party State, meaning that both parties are strong enough to represent an effective opposition, that if you. Don't like this party, you have another choice, I prefer multiple choices of parties but with the Two Party System, you at least have a choice, now I would prefer the Democrats controlled both the. White House and Congress, especially with the State of todays Neoconservative GOP and even though that would mean Progressives would have more influence in Congress, with President Obama around. He could prevent Democrats from going too far left and Senate Leader Reid does a good job of that in the Senate, and even though Nancy Pelosi in the House, whether she's Speaker or Minority Leader. And even though she comes from the Progressive Faction of the Democratic Party, is a very effective Legislature and Leader and someone who prefers to legislate and get good deals, rather. Then getting everything that Progressives want, this doesn't mean I want Democrats to have such large majorities, in the House and Senate that. Progressives get everything they want, just enough power to keep the far right in check.

Having said all of that and especially the part about me not believing in a One Party State, we need two. Again at least two strong political parties in America, it might not look this way right now but we don't have that, we have one party that in excellent position to do very well for. At least ten years down the road, because they can communicate to really every group in the country, thats not part of the far right, every ethnic and racial group, you don't see Democrats. Struggling to get 10-30% of any racial group in the country, like you see with Republicans when it comes to African and Latin Americans and perhaps even Jewish Americans and a. Party that has a hard time winning outside of the Bible Belt, or big cities or areas that are very diverse, racially, ethnically and culturally, Democrats are in very good position to. Do very well not just in 2012 and 2014 but 2016 and further down the road then that, especially as we become more diverse as a country.

What you have with today's Republican Party, is the GOP thats dying off, the current base of voters they rely on. Won't be around ten years from now or not a big enough of a Voting Block for the GOP to be competitive nationally and what they will have to do is regroup and bring in different. Voters, that means reforming their platform and welcoming new people to the GOP and relying less on Neoconservatives, Big Government Republicans that want government in our bedrooms. And so fourth who see people who aren't like them, as Un American and have never accepted the fact of how diverse America is. What we have in the United States right now, is a Center Left Democratic Party, with a further left Progressive Faction in it and a Far Right Republican Party. With a smaller Conservative Faction in it, thats not much of a choice for voters. Even if they aren't leftists but somewhere in the middle, they would prefer those people over the Far Right or not vote at all.

What we need in America is a real Conservative Opposition to the Democratic Party, where we have Liberals competing with Conservatives. A government out of our bedrooms and boardrooms party, where the GOP use to be, really just thirty years ago or so, whether that party is a new and. Improved Republican Party or something comes to replace it, like the Libertarian Party or an Independence Party but voters want and need choices in who to vote for or they feel their vote isn't worth much.

Weekly Standard: Bill Kristol: Could Republicans Lose the House?

Could Republicans Lose the House?

If a tight Presidential Election becomes an Electoral Landslide, meaning that President Obama sweeps the battleground States. Which is possible considering he's leading in basically all of them, the House will come into play and it will be just a question, do House Democrats get close to 218 or win a few more seats then that.

Heritage Foundation: "Income Inequality or Lost Opportunity? What's Threatening the American Dream"

Income Inequality or Lost Opportunity? What's Threatening the American Dream

Income Inequality is actually a problem, when the wealthy are getting wealthier on the backs of everyone else. Which is what we saw during the "Great Recession", rich people got richer, everyone else got poorer, lost their jobs,  savings, retirement, found themselves living off of Public Assistance for the first time in their. Lives etc, its not people being rich that is the problem, its how they get rich that can be a problem, do they create new wealth, which is good or do they get there by taking it out on the rest of the country. Run a company into the ground, lay people off and walk away with a big bailout funded by Tax Payers, what we need. Instead is an Opportunity Society, where every American has the opportunity to get the skills needed to be successful in life and is successful as their work and production will allow and then pays taxes based on. How much money they make, the wealthier paying more etc, thats an Economic System that works and is Economic Liberalism 101.

National Journal: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: ‘We Had a Good Week’

Priebus: ‘We Had a Good Week’ -

Whatever pot Chairman Priebus is smoking, he shouldn't keep it to himself and should spread it around. Even sell it, he would make a fortune, he would have to be high to believe the GOP had a good week last week.

Washington Times: Opinion: Joseph CURL: "2012 is 1980 But is Mitt Romney Ronald Reagan?"

CURL: 2012 is 1980 — but is Romney Ronald Reagan? - Washington Times

In one word, not including in and one, the answer is no, Americans liked and knew Ron Reagan, which is a big reason why he won in 1980. And hated the job that President Carter was doing, despite liking him personally, Americans don't like Mitt, a 40% Approval Rating would indicate that and a Disapproval Rating. Around 50%. Ron Reagan was the Master Communicator, Mitt Romney is the Master Flip Flopper, which is why he's failed to communicate so far, as well as not being able to distinguish himself for President Bush, whose still fresh in Americans minds.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Public Resource: CBS News Longines Chronoscope: U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen in 1952

U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen R, Illinois 
Public Resource: CBS News Longines Chronoscope: U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen in 1952

Members of Congress in both parties are always looking to weaken executive power. Especially since president’s are always looking to increase executive power. Which is what this debate is about and what Senator Dirksen was trying to do to have the members of this board having to all be approved by the U.S. Senate. During the 1930s the Roosevelt Administration under the New Deal, created all sorts of new programs, boards, agencies that had jurisdiction over the economy. And what Senator Dirksen wanted to do was to have these boards and board members have to be approved by the Senate. With both the Senate and House having Congressional oversight over these boards.

Many of these boards and agencies that were created by the New Deal were permanent boards and agencies. The President can put together short-term commissions and boards to study issues and come up with policy proposals and these things are put together all the time. But these commissions don’t have subpoena power generally and can’t issue new rules and regulations that business’s and individuals have to comply with. So what Senator Dirksen wanted to do here with this board since it was permanent with regulatory power was to have the members be approved by the Senate and have to report to Congress. Both the House and Senate.

This interview was done in 1952 when the country was at peace for the most part even though we were involved in the Korean Civil War. And the economy that was in depression for most of the 1930s and came out of that and recovered in the 1940s thanks to World War II. And Senator Dirksen’s line about fake prosperity had to do with the fact that the American economy was booming at this point, because we were at war and had so many me oversees and fighting. Which created millions of jobs at home with so many men out of the country. Plus with all the middle class jobs that were created at home to fight World War II and then later the Korean War. And I guess Senator Dirksen was saying that America wouldn’t have the prosperity at home if we weren’t fighting abroad.

FOX News: Wall Street Editorial Report: Will Mitt Romney's Reboot Work?

At some point voters start to makeup their mind about the candidates and incumbents are. And the politicians run out of time to change voters minds and Mitt Romney keep changing himself and his campaign. Gives people the idea of who is this guy and what he's really about and he can look out of touch, because people have a harder time figuring out who he is. With President Obama, Americans, whether they like him or not, know who he is or at least have a pretty good idea of who he. Is and have already decided that they prefer the guy they know, rather then trying to figure someone. Out someone who doesn't seem to know who he is, because he keeps changing message and course, when things get tough.

National Journal: Major Garrett: "Vote Early and Often"

Vote Early and Often -

Early voting will hurt Mitt Romney because he's behind and now he'll have less people to convince that they should vote for him. Because they have already voted and perhaps have already voted for the President.

Washington Times: Opinion: Rep. Allen West: African Americans Should Vote for Mitt Romney

WEST: Black Americans should vote for Mitt Romney - Washington Times

Why, Mitt Romney hasn't given African Americans any reason to vote for him and the week he had last week. Just makes things worst for him, he might not even get 10% of the African American vote and fail to get 30% of Latin American vote as well.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

FOX News: How important is Ohio in the 2012 race?

Mitt Romney probably can't win the Presidential Election if he loses Ohio, because it would mean he would probably. Have to sweep Virginia, North Carolina and Florida and probably win Colorado as well.

Weekly Standard: Fred Barnes: A Rocky Start in the Rockies

A Rocky Start in the Rockies

Lets say Mitt Romney were to win Colorado, which is not a safe assumption, that wouldn't make up for losing. Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida, all Republican States where Mitt is currently trailing. Plus losing Democratic swing States that Mitt has been targeting as well, like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Where he is also trailing.

Washington Times: Opinion: OSLER: "Cutting off Cash Flow The Way to End Drug Trafficking

OSLER: Cutting off cash flow the way to end drug trafficking - Washington Times

If we treated drug trafficking like a business, it would be a legal business, the reason why its such a large business in this country. Because we have a lot of people in this country that like narcotics, legal and illegal and if you want to eliminate drug trafficking, you eliminate the market, not by locking up addicts like they are criminals. And then letting them out while they are still addicted to narcotics but by convincing them  that narcotics are. Dangerous and they shouldn't take them, you don't get there with jail, because they just stay addicted and if anything feed their addiction while incarcerated.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Gary DeMar Show: The Bulwarks of the Conservative Movement: The Death of Conservative Intellectualism

I saw a column in the lets say the Progressive Magazine The Nation last night by a Progressive writer named Eric Alterman. Someone who I have a lot of respect for but who I rarely agree with as a Liberal myself at least on Economic and Foreign Policy, I read from a lot of writers that I tend to disagree with. Its more interesting for me and I like to write counter arguments to their thoughts which you see a lot of everyday on this blog. And Mr. Alterman wrote a piece with a title of something like The Death of Conservative Intellectuals or something like that, how todays Right Wing has moved away from Conservative Intellectualism, which to me is dead on and I would argue that Conservative Intellectualism. Died when Bill Buckely died a few years ago and perhaps even died when Mr. Buckley was still alive when George W. Bush became President of the United States back in 2001. Think about what Conservatism is about, limiting what government can do to and for its people, its about conserving Individual Freedom, not subtracting or limiting Individual Freedom. But what did we get from President Bush and those Republican Congress's, an expansion of the Federal Government. From things like Public Education, healthcare by expanding Medicare and two unfunded wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What did we also get at Tax Payers expense or that was added onto the debt, from someone who was suppose to be a Conservative. The Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention, that is the Federal Government can now lock people up indefinitely with no trial or hearings, if they believe someone. Is a threat to our National Security, I don't want to make this blog about bashing President Bush other the to say that he wasn't a Conservative President, compassionate sure, I don't see. George W. Bush as a bad man but I don't see him as a Conservative either based on his record. But President Bush who I would consider to be a Neoconservative, is actually fairly moderate compared with the post Bush Administration GOP, thats for going even farther to subtracting. Americans freedom rather then protecting it, on issues as it relates to privacy, voting and immigration and even Fiscal Policy when it comes to the debt.

I wish I was an adult or at least around when Barry Goldwater was a major player in Congress and in National Politics as a whole. And I wish Ron Reagan was still around because this is what Conservatism is about and Conservatism at its height and a true competitor to Liberalism, that. Gave Liberals such as myself a real competitor when we are debating politics. What I get instead is when I get in these debates, are people who claim to be Conservatives and talk about the. Importance of freedom on one hand and on the other they talk about that Americans have too much freedom and that it needs to be subtracted and certain things should be outlawed.

Washington Examiner: President Obama: Obamacare owes a debt to Mitt Romney

The video says it all, the Affordable Care Act was designed around the Massachusetts Care Act, or whatever the name of the bill. That Mitt Romney singed into law as Governor of Massachusetts and its very hard to tell the differences between both laws. If you like or love one, you like or love both, if you dislike or hate on, you dislike or hate both.

Commentary: Florida Poll is Bad News for Jewish GOP

Florida Poll is Bad News for Jewish GOP: pAs I’ve noted before, just about every poll taken in the last year shows that President Obama is likely to lose ground among Jewish voters when compared to his performance in 2008. That’s also the finding of a new American Jewish Committee poll of Jewish voters in Florida. But while, as JTA notes, both Republicans [...]/p

I believe that Jewish Floridians understand what President Obama's policies with the State of Israel and the broader Middle East are. And are not buying the attacks that Republicans are making against him on these issues and see them for what they are. Designed to scare Jewish Americans to voting against the President, the Israeli Government considers the Obama Administration a friend and does Jewish Americans.

Human Events: Harsanyi: Tim Kaine: "I Would be Open to Some Minimum Tax for Everyone"

Harsanyi: Kaine: 'I would be open to some minimum tax for everyone'

Translation people who live in poverty but who work, would be subjected to the Federal Income Tax. Meaning they would lose their Earn Income Tax Credit or part of it, the EITC is designed to encourage Low Income. Low Skilled people to work, rather then collect all of their income from Public Assistance, this would be a Tax Hike on the poor who can't afford it right now, just like the Middle Class can't afford a Tax Hike. Either and this position by Tim Kaine could cost him support from Leftist Democrats that he also needs to win this election.

Washington Times: Farm bill Left to Die on Vine Before Recess

Farm bill left to die on vine before recess - Washington Times

You can blame the House Tea Party for this, the Senate has already done its job by passing a Bi Partisan Farm bill, that had around 75 votes.

National Journal: Alex Roarty: Define and Conquer

Define and Conquer -

Democrats having more success with Super Pacs right now and with fewer resources

Thursday, September 20, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Fox News: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: "Talks About Senate Democrats and President's Failure to Lead": Senate Republicans Success at Obstruction

I'll give Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a lot of credit for having the largest set of balls, that could fill up a basketball arena. He gets on President Obama and Senate Democrats for not passing anything, when he and his Republican Caucus under the Minority Leader's Leadership. Have gone out of their way to prevent Senate Democrats from passing anything, every major issue that. Has come to the floor, that has had something to do with some supposed crisis, a word that gets thrown around in Congress. Too much by both parties, Senate Leader Harry Reid has brought legislation to the floor to address the problem, most of these issues have had something to do with economy but thats. Where the economy is right now and all Senate Republicans have done is block whatever bill has come up, without the Senate Republican Leadership offering any alternative to the bills that they. Claim they don't like, even though when Senate Democrats have been successful in getting Cloture in the Senate, Senate Republicans would then vote for the final bill overwhelmingly. Minority Leader McConnell knows that Senate Republicans chances of winning back the Senate this year, are fading. And is going back to the argument that Democrats have failed to lead.

FOX News: FOX News Watch: "Super PAC 'pack of lies' ad"

To take Fox News seriously, Republicans are truth tellers at least the Republicans who hold the party line. And Democrats are excuse the term, bullshit artists who'll say anything to win elections. And if you believe Fox News is correct, then you also believe that Illegal Immigrants come form Mars, its simply not believable.

Commentary: Are Democratic Voters Surging?

Are Democratic Voters Surging?: pThe blizzard of polls that emerged yesterday afternoon had morphed into an Obama avalanche by the time dinnertime rolled around. Surveys at the national and state level disagreed with the results of the two daily tracking polls, Gallup and Rasmussen, which show a tied race around 47 percent. Every other survey, with the exception of [...]/p

The Presidential Election is not a landslide yet but its moving towards an Electoral College landslide for President Obama. If Mitt Romney loses all of these Republican States where he's currently behind, President Obama has a clear lead right now.

National Journal: Alex Roarty: Mitt Romney And Allies Have Money, But Will It Matter?

Romney And Allies Have Money, But Will It Matter? -

The difference being that Mitt Romney is no longer running against Rick Santorum but probably the best politician since Bill Clinton. In Barack Obama who will the resources and allies to defend himself.

Washington Times: Watchdogs Headed for Heavy Budget Cuts

Watchdogs headed for heavy budget cuts - Washington Times

This is how government can work, instead of cutting government waste, they cut back on the people who are suppose to find the government waste.