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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ted Cruz won GOP Primary by Appeal to Tea Party: The State of The Tea Party in 2012

Is the Tea Party still a factor in the Republican Party, of course especially since they've combine with the Religious Right. With the exceptions of Senators Mike Lee, Ron Johnson and hopefully Rand Paul and now make up the Neoconservative Faction of the GOP. But are they factor beyond that, especially like they were in 2009-10, no all Ted Cruz has done is win the Republican Primary. In a State where the Senate seat he'll be running for is currently held by a Conservative Republican in Kay Baily Hutchinson, whose retiring from the Senate at the end of this Congress. In part because she's tired of the gridlock in Washington, I'm tired of the gridlock in Washington and I live here. Assuming Ted Cruz is elected to the Senate which is basically a forgone conclusion, especially since there are now more pickup trucks then Democrats in this State. It will effect the Senate in this way, because it will mean that there will be one more Senator who'll basically refuse to work with the other side. Even Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders works with Republicans from time to time and thats a big way how Senator Hutchinson the Ranking Member. On the Commerce Committee legislates, by working with Democrats especially Jay Rockefeller the Chairman of the Commerce Committee.

I'm not an expert on Ted Cruz and don't pretend to be one but here's what you might see from a Senator Cruz, a member of the Tea Party. And I hope I'm wrong, Constitutional Amendments to take the peoples power away from them to vote for their Members of Congress, at least in the Senate. A Constitutional Amendment to ban Flag Burning, a Constitutional Amendment to strip Birthright Citizenship, which targets children of Illegal Immigrants. Voter ID Laws that target Democrats or people who tend to vote Democratic, Constitutional Amendments to ban pornography and Same Sex Marriage. The more the Tea Party talks about limiting and cutting the size of the Federal Government, the more they seem to want to empower and expand it. The more they talk about the importance of Freedom in America, the more they seem to want to subtract it. Making it very difficult for a non Tea Party member such as myself to take them seriously.

I hope I'm dead wrong about all of this except for Senators Johnson, Lee and Paul but every time I hear about another Tea Party member winning another election. It tells me that Neoconservatives have gained more power and that people who just talk about the dangers of Big Government. Don't believe that Government is big enough and that Americans have simply too much freedom that needs to be scaled back.