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Monday, August 6, 2012

John Birch Society: "Government Healthcare Always Leads to More Government Control and Rationing": What the ACA Really is

This spokesman for the John Birch Society has one thing correct, is that what's called "Obamacare" otherwise the Affordable Care Act is basically the same thing. As what's called "Romneycare", same ideas in both Healthcare Reform Laws, more access to Health Insurance for people who can't afford it. Patient Protections so people don't lose their Health Insurance without just cause, like they actually get sick or hurt and need their Health Insurance, no more annual or lifetime caps. As well as a Individual Mandate that requires that everyone get Health Insurance so we are all part of the system. And no longer have the ability to pass our Healthcare Costs onto people who've decided to pay for their Healthcare. And here's what both laws also do, they leave in place the private Health Insurance Industry so Americans can still have the Freedom of Choice. To decide for themselves where they get their Health Insurance, instead of government making these decisions for them. As well as the private Healthcare System in place as well, this is not Socialize Medicine, the Affordable Care Act doesn't nationalize the Healthcare System. Where government runs the hospitals and Health Insurer like in Cuba or in Britain.

What the Massachusetts Healthcare Law does for Massachusetts and what the Affordable Care Act does for the rest of the United States. Is set up a Healthcare System that they have in Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Taiwan, Japan and perhaps others. Where the people decide for themselves where they get their Health Insurance, just as long a they get it but where there are built in protections. So patients aren't abused in the system and so people who can't afford Health Insurance on their own or afford their employers Health Insurance plan. Will be able to get Health Insurance for themselves and their families as well, where government doesn't make these decisions. For us but where the Health Insurance Industry doesn't make these decisions for us as well but where the people have the power to make these decisions for themselves. With all the protections and info that they need.

For people to believe that Affordable Care Act is the Government Healthcare Control Act or something. Are people who haven't read the bill or are just lying about what they read and granted reading a 2000 page bill is time consuming and even exhausting. But if you actually read the bill and are able to understand it, you'll see that the private Healthcare and Health Insurance Systems are still in place but they are now regulated.