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Friday, August 17, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: RNC "Serious Questions" Political Commercials: Trying to Paint The President as a Question Dodger

Looks like President Obama was in New Mexico or at least fielding questions from a New Mexico Radio Station. Probably the morning drive by show or a music hits show, not exactly known for Hard News, except for maybe the half hour or hourly updates. Every major market in the country has Radio Stations like this, big markets like Washington may have a hundred Radio Stations like that. And of course they were asking the President softball profile questions, like what's your favorite Mexican food. If you were a superhero and news flash for members of the Obama Bandwagon, Barack Obama is not a superhero, who can wipe out recessions with his superpowers. They asked him if you were a superhero but you could only have one superpower, what would it be. And he said he would like to be able to fly, which would be a great power to have if you live in a big city like Washington. With all of the people and traffic, just think of how much time you would save getting from place to place, if you didn't have to drive, you just had a super cape and fly over the traffic. All politicians get questions like this and the ones who have things to hide, like their Tax Returns, hint hint, try to get interviews like this as much as possible. This is nothing new.

This better not be the best that the Republican National Committee has to offer, considering who their Presidential Nominee is. A man who won't even live up to his own father's policy when it comes to Tax Returns. Someone whose admitted to paying 13% in taxes one year, who pays less in taxes then his own secretary or Campaign Volunteers, who most of them are probably not rich. President Obama holds Press Conferences on a regular basis and fields questions from the audience at his Campaign Rallies. Even in wing States where the people there aren't in love with him, people who are out of work, about to lose their homes, can't pay their medical bills. Whereas Mitt Romney probably doesn't even know how much he pays in taxes, maybe thats why he won't release his Tax Returns, because he can't find them. This is not a good road for the RNC to be on considering their own Presidential Nominee skips questions about himself.

Both campaigns will be throwing a lot of mud back at each other, they both know that the country isn't in love with either of them. And picking from them will be selecting from not a great choice and that they have to make the opponent look even worse then they may look. To make themselves look better by default.