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Thursday, August 30, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: GOP Convention: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Representative Paul Ryan: Reaction To This Speech

My first reaction of Representative Paul Ryan's speech last night, was how calm the audience was. Not interrupting Paul Ryan the entire speech from what I recall and very light with applause as well. It was almost like the people were high or attending an opera or a college lecture, rather then a political convention and when I watch the Democratic Convention or parts of it. Especially the President and Vice President, I'll look to see if the Democrats there are as calm as the Republicans this week. Another reaction to this speech was that how much it sounded like a lecture rather then a political speech, except for how short it was in knowledge and facts. I hope for the audience's sake, that they weren't taking notes and using to prepare for a test on the Presidency of Barack Obama or something. Because they would all fail based on their notes from this speech, unless Paul Ryan is the professor, for someone whose known in Congress as a Budget Hawk and numbers cruncher. He was very light in both areas, it was one of the shortest speeches I've ever heard when it comes to facts and substance. Paul Ryan is suppose to be a man of substance and was going to take this election to a higher level, where all he was last night was an Attack Dog, a Bogus Attack Dog at that.

Its not that Paul Ryan was an Attack Dog last night that I have a problem with, thats the job of the Vice Presidential Nominee. While their Running Mate is suppose to take the higher road, its how short in facts this Attack Dog was, taking little facts about President Obama. And making them look as bad as he possibly could get away with, the Janesville Plan closing, that actually happen. In December 2008 a month before Barack Obama became President, is a perfect example of that, the Medicare cuts that Ryan talks about that were in the Affordable Care Act. Are actually in the Ryan Plan, its like a car thief blaming someone for stealing a car. And the other thing I take away from this speech/lecture last night, was how short in substance it was. The Romney/Ryan Administration is going to put the country back to work, even though there's nothing in their records that indicate they know how to do that. Mitt Romney 48th in Job Growth as Governor of Massachusetts, Paul Ryan has essentially been in Congress his whole career.

Its really the job of the Presidential Nominee to lay out the plan of his Presidency and maybe we'll see that tonight from Mitt Romney. Even though I wouldn't bet a dime that we'll here that tonight, Mitt is not known for substance, he tends to speak more in goals rather then plans. But Representative Ryan kept saying he an Governor Romney were going to do this and that but they don't have a plan to accomplish it.