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Friday, August 31, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: C-Span: Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention: Real Change or Back to Bush?

What I liked about Mitt Romney's speech Thursday night, trying to look at it from someone who's not going to vote for him. But trying to look at the speech as objectively as possible, again as a Democrat, is that Mitt has a beautiful family, including his wife. His sons daughter in laws, grandchildren. A man who values his community and children and so fourth, he
introduced himself to the country Mitt Romney the man, rather then as the politician which is really the only thing we've seen from him so far. Which is important for Americans to see because this is one thing they use to decide who they should vote for. But getting past that, Americans need to know what the Presidential Nominee will do as President of the United States, not Governor of Massachusetts or President of Bain Capital. But the biggest job in the World that anyone could ever apply for and Mitt Romney still hasn't answered that question, what would be different from a Romney Presidency then a Bush Presidency. We know how different Mitt would be from President Obama, they literally agree on basically nothing, other then they both love their families and the United States. Which can be said about almost every other American but how would a President Romney be different from a President Bush.

Democratic Political Strategist James Carville said on CNN last night that there was nothing in Mitt Romney's speech. That separates him from President Bush, his Economic Policy, is basically the same as President Bush's, lower taxes on investors and corporations, lower regulations on corporation's. And somehow doing this would benefit the rest of the economy, on energy expanding American, Oil, Gas and Nuclear, that we can drill our away not to American Energy Independence but North American Energy Independence. On Foreign Policy, talk tough on Russia, China and Iran, even if that means going to war with Iran, something that President Bush looked into. So my question would be how's this not Bush 2.0 where are the difference between President Bush, perhaps the most unpopular President we've ever had thats left President Obama with the problems we are still dealing with. And a possible President Romney?

If Mitt Romney's case for being President is that these are the policies that we had in the last decade. So we should do it again, then thats a loser and he may lose overwhelmingly, he's going to have to get past President Bush and President Obama and be able to tell Americans there's a different. Course we should take, he had the biggest opportunity he'll have in this campaign last night and failed to accomplish it.