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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: AEI: "The Real Story Behind the Soviet Empire's Shocking Collapse": A System That was Designed To Fail

The Soviet Union of Russia, the Socialist Republics of Russia failed and went down for several reasons. But the main reason was that it was never deigned to succeed, the Soviet Union at its peak was a country of 400M people, today Russia is a Federation of 150M people, a Federal Republic. And the Russian Communist Party had this warped idea that they could have all of these very well educated people and be able to control them for their entire lives, be able to put them to work in the name of Russian Communism. Be able to hold them down for their entire lives for all of this time, essentially make them prisoners of the State and that the Russian Government would be able to control. All of this gigantic countries resources, perhaps the most in the World and still be able to compete with the United States and European Union, in the United States case a Superpower. Not just with its military but economy as well because of its Private Enterprise System. A country that still had bread lines in the 1980s, was trying to compete with the Economic Superpower of the World. With a military that was as if not stronger then then the Russian Military and thats just not going to work which is what Mikhail Gorbachov understood.

I'm not saying that President Mikail Gorbachav on purposed created a system in Russia that was designed to bring down the Soviet Union. But he wanted to build a strong Russia so they wouldn't be a third World country with bread lines and so fourth, that could take advantage of Russia's vast Natural Resources as well as its people. So they could not only compete with America and Europe with its military but also economically as well. And to do this he knew his people were going to need some freedom to make that happen and they got a taste of that. And saw what the West was doing and decided that maybe thats what they want as well and you saw Russian Republics breaking up, like Ukraine, the Baltic States, the Caucus States as well. State Ownership Socialism doesn't work especially when its combine with Communism. And once people get a taste of freedom, they tend to like it, which is what I believe is what happened in Russia in the late 80s and early 90s.

The Soviet Union lasted seventy four years from 1917-1991, which isn't a very long time for a country and a fairly short part of Russia's history. The Communist Republic in China has been around for a little over sixty years and they established Private Enterprise around thirty years ago and the Communist Republic in Cuba has been around for a little over fifty years. And they are now starting their own Private Enterprise as well, even Communists are figuring out that State Ownership Socialism doesn't work and that for a country to succeed and last. The people need at least a certain amount of freedom.