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Friday, August 10, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: 100 million now on Federal Welfare: Why Right Wing Criticism of President Obama is not Credible

Its a little deceiving to blame President Obama for all the problems that country faces today. When all of the problems were already here when he became President three and half years ago. And then say look we told you so Obamanomics of whatever Right Wingers call it is not working, America is going to Hell with all of these problems. That President Obama has created, especially when all of these problems happened when Barack Obama even became President. The "Great Recession" is the cause of all of these new people that we now have in poverty today, I'm not talking about the people in poverty. And collecting from Public Assistance when the economy was fairly good, growing steadily, Economic and Job Growth etc. But the people who are educated and Middle Class just four years ago and now are on Public Assistance and perhaps even living in poverty. Out of work, lost all of their savings because of the Wall Street crash in 2008, those things didn't happen under President Obama but under President Bush. Along with the "Great Recession", President Obama inherited these problems instead, he inherited the mess of the previous Administration which he's been trying to deal with.

To put the problems of the economy on President Obama a situation he didn't create, is like crashing a car. Then selling it to someone with all of the damage thats been done to the car, sell the car before you repair it, lets say you are a real Slick Salesperson, a Used Care Salesperson if that. The person you just sold the car to now owns it and you blame them someone you've never seen or even ran into before, for damaging the car. Thats what its like to hear Right Wingers bash President Obama about the economy today, they are trying to put the blame on him. For problems that happened during the previous Administration, which aren't problems the President created, just trying to deal with as President. Which is unfair, of course life can be unfair but what would be fair for Republicans to talk about is how the Obama Administration is dealing with the problems that they inherited. Which would be fair game.

The way to move people out of poverty, especially uneducated people or people who are educated but had a job that no longer exists for anyone. Is through Job Training and Job Placement while they are on Public Assistance, thats how you save money on Public Assistance. By moving people off of it and into the workforce, not by kicking them off and telling them they are on their own. Or allowing them to collect from it indefinitely but by putting them to work and having them pay into the programs they were collecting from.