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Friday, July 27, 2012

White House: "Justin Bieber Doesn't Need a Tax Cut: The Tax Cut Debate that The White House Wants to Have

Senate Democrats got a big victory this week by passing their Middle Class Tax Cut extension. That Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell decided not to block and told his caucus they should vote for cloture on it. Not because the Senate Republican Leader has decided now to become Mr. Nice Guy, I'm sure he's pleasant in person but Minority Leader McConnell did this for political reasons. To bring back that old charge that Democrats are only interested in Tax Hikes to fund new government spending and that they are so irresponsible that they are willing to raise taxes, even in a weak economy. Raise taxes on people who wouldn't miss or even notice that their taxes are a little higher then the previous year, because that money would probably not even be spent but put into savings or investments. Republicans don't want this to be about whether we should raise taxes on the rich or not but raising taxes on Small Business's, their claim that raising taxes on people making more then 250K$ a year. Even though their taxes would only go up on their income above 250K$, their first 250K$ would be taxed at the same level as it. Was during the Bush Administration , so it would still be lower then it was in the Clinton Administration. That somehow this would hurt Small Business's.

What Democrats at least the Democratic Leadership want this debate to be about and since almost every single Senate Republican. Voted against the Middle Class Tax Cut Extension this week, is that Republicans are against Middle Class Tax Cuts, because the Tax Cuts for the wealthy would expire under the Democratic plan. So this is basically a Class Warfare battle between Democrats who say they want to protect the Middle Class from Tax Hikes and extend those Tax Cuts. While being in favor of Tax Hikes on the wealthy to help pay down the debt and deficit, while Republicans claiming that they are in favor of extending the Tax Cuts for everyone. So nobody gets a Tax Hike in a weak economy, even though they voted against the Middle Class Tax Cuts this week. So Democrats have credibility over Senate Republicans because they've produced their plan and passed it out of the Senate and we'll see what House Republicans do later on.

Just the fact that Senate Republicans didn't block the Democratic Majority this time on the Middle Class Tax Cut Act. Tells me that Democrats now have the upper hand, that Mitch McConnell is worried about looking like an obstructer and is more interested in picking up seats in the Senate so he can become Senate Leader in the next Congress. Instead of running for a fourth term as Senate Minority Leader.