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Friday, July 13, 2012

Vice President Biden: "This ain't your Father's Republican Party: The Now Neoconservative GOP

Vice President Joe Biden was dead on when he told the NAACP Convention that today's GOP "aint your father's Republican Party". I'm old enough to remember most of Ronald Reagan's Presidency, I remember him being elected President in 1980 and I remember the last two years of the Jimmy Carter Presidency. I remember Jimmy Carter as President as well and the Republican Party that I grew up with, I've never been a Republican, I'm from a Democratic Family. But the Republican Party that was around when I was growing up, was led by President Reagan and built around one idea. Freedom and that Communism and other forms of Big Government were the enemy of Freedom. When today's Republicans talk about Big Government, they talk about it as it relates to the economy. And to a certain extent how it threatens Religious Freedom for Christians, not Religious Freedom in general, just Religious Freedom for Christians. They consider other religions to be Un American and in the case of Mormonism another form of Christianity, they feel the same way about Mormonism as Islam. That these two religions are not even religions at all but they are cults, they believe their Presidential Nominee is a member of a cult. Thats the intelligence level of the GOP right now.

I'm not even sure a Catholic especially from the Northeast or Midwest could win the Republican Nomination for President right now. Even though Rick Santorum came damn close, its not Freedom that Neoconservative Republicans are interested in but Freedom for people who think like them. The Freedom to live their lives the way they want them to, which are two different things. If Freedom was main thing that today's Republicans were interested in, then Ron Paul would've been a much stronger Presidential Candidate. Who they wouldn't of viewed as a Liberal and Mitt Romney who isn't a Neoconservative for the most part and would've fit in very well with the Reagan GOP. Wouldn't feel this strong need to go out of his way to convince Neoconservatives that he's one of them, when he's not. And would've had very little difficulty getting the GOP Nomination and Rick Santorum would've been seen as a Fringe Candidate.

Today's GOP is so far to the right that in one sentence they talk about Freedom and the dangers of Big Government. And in the next sentence they talk about Pornography and Homosexuality being threats to National Security and they must be outlawed, actually illegal to view Pornography and live as a Homosexual. And that Ron Reagan who said that Big Government is a threat to America, couldn't get the Republican Nomination for President, because he would've been seen as a Liberal.