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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

US Senator Jim DeMint: Why Republicans Must Become More Libertarian: The Return to Goldwater/Reagan Conservatism for The GOP

Its interesting to hear Senator Jim DeMint say that the Republican Party should be more Libertarian. When just a couple years ago he said that adultery and Flag Burning should be illegal, you couldn't be much of a Libertarian and I would even argue a Conservative, if you believe in conserving Freedom. And have positions like that but having said that Senator DeMint is correct and perhaps he's changing some of his Far Right Neoconservative positions. Politically the way the United States is headed both politically and demographically, the GOP has be more Conservative and Libertarian. Move away from Religious and Neoconservatism and get back to Goldwater/Reagan Conservatism and get back to being a party thats about Individual Freedom and not just Economic Freedom. And Religious Freedom for Christians but Individual Freedom in general, because as the Republican Party has moved more to the right, the rest of the country has become more Liberal-Libertarian. The Ron Paul Movement thats made up of a lot of young voters, is a perfect example of that, as well as Gary Johnson's reach out to young voters and not just Libertarians but also Liberal Democrats such as myself. As well as Libertarian Republicans, the ones that remain.

Politically and demographically the way America is moving, for the Republican Party to remain a major Political Party. They have to change course on where they've been on Social Issues, the last twenty years ago, stop trying to tell Americans how to live their own lives. As long as they are not hurting people with what they are doing, stop trying to control how people live their lives. If you are going to be a States Rights Party, then you don't believe the Federal Government should be involved in marriage, a lot of Republicans now want Constitutional Amendments. To ban Same Sex Marriage and pornography, that the States should be making these decisions, I believe you can be a good Conservative and be Pro Life depending on why you are Pro Life. And if the goal is to limit abortions and present women with more choices in what to do about unwanted pregnancies, then great talk about those things instead and the idea that Tax Payers shouldn't fund abortions. Then the goal of limiting abortions will be accomplished anyway. To use as an example.

A lot of Americans I believe especially young people who are now in the Private Sector, running or owning a business. Like Republicans when they talk about the need for Economic Freedom and Balance Budgets and cutting debt and deficits. But they don't want to be told how to live their lives, especially by government and thats the future of the GOP if they want to be a viable force, combining Economic Freedom with Social Freedom.