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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NGC The Final Report: The Story Behind Watergate: The Dumbest Political Scandal in American History

When I think of dumb Political Scandals in American History, Watergate is always the first one that comes to my mind. Because it was so unnecessary, President Nixon beat Senator George McGovern with over 60% of the Popular Vote and won forty nine States and this landslide had nothing to do with Watergate as far as what the Watergate men were after. It also had nothing to do with the Presidential Election, because it was still a new story and the Nixon Coverup of the scandal wasn't apparent yet. To the people or even the media, Senator McGovern tried to make a big deal about it but what else could he of done, he was down from anywhere between 15-20 points in the polls. And wasn't gaining any traction anywhere, he was losing in perhaps all fifty States, this scandal was completely unnecessary that any person who was healthy mentally, would never come up with this brain dead idea of breaking into the Opposition Parties National Headquarters, a party that was floundering, divided and in debt. The Watergate Scandal was also tragic because without and it would've depended on how the rest of President Nixon's 2nd term would've gone but he could've easily of gone down as a great President, the best since Harry Truman. Especially for what President Nixon accomplished in Foreign Policy.

Richard Nixon is not responsible for the Watergate Breakin happening but he was responsible for covering up this scandal and doing it from the White House. He's clearly guilty of Obstruction of Justice probably on multiple fronts and another thing that makes this scandal so sad. Is President Nixon was also a very accomplished and very successful lawyer and probably knew a lot better then to coverup a scandal like this.