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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jack Hunter: Goodbye to Conservatism- Big Government Neoconservative Republicans

Jack Hunter the so-called Southern Avenger, is right again when he says that conservatism is not about fixing things. Or telling people how to live their lives, but that conservatism is about keeping or getting the Federal Government within the Constitution. Meaning that the Federal Government shouldn't be doing anything that's not laid out for it to do, or that it doesn't have the constitutional authority to do under the U.S. Constitution. When you think of conservatism, think again of Barry Goldwater and his book the Conscience of a Conservative, read that book.

And then read anything that has ever been written by Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann or Pat Buchanan and you'll see that conservative philosophy is based on the Conscience of a Conservative. That the Federal Government is too big and must be trimmed down, that big government is a threat to individual freedom. That people need more individual freedom to live their own lives and pay much less in taxes. And then read Rick Santorum or Commentary Magazine or the Washington Times editorial page, or Reverend Pat Robertson and you'll get an idea that Americans have too much freedom. Because of all the things that they want to ban and this freedom is hurting our national morality and security.

Conservatism in a political sense is literally about conserving freedom not subtracting from it. Which is one thing as a Liberal, is what I respect about it. Neoconservatives do believe in things like economic freedom and religious Freedom. (To a certain extent) Well religious freedom for Christians, especially Southern Baptists. But they also believe in conserving a certain way of life that's based in the 1950s, where homosexuality, pornography and racial, ethnic and religious minorities weren't prevalent in America.

And especially where today's New-Americans didn't vote in large numbers, like they do today. And vote overwhelmingly Democratic and see these people as threats to America. Michele Bachmann actually said the 'same-sex marriage is a threat to national security.' Perhaps her most infamous line of her brief presidential campaign. They don't believe in conserving individual freedom. But in conserving a certain way of life.

If the Republican Party was made up of mainly Conservatives with some Moderate Conservatives lets call them mixed in, then to me as a Liberal Democrat, the GOP wouldn't be nearly as dangerous or scary. Except that they would be a hell of a lot harder to beat. Because they would be people who are against high government spending and taxes, but also not interested in telling people who they can sleep with and marry and what they can watch on TV and listen to on the radio. But as a Neoconservative Party, we simply can't afford to have them in charge of the Federal Government. We found that out with the Bush Administration and have been paying for it ever since.