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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer: "ACA Business Mandate not an Impediment to Economic Growth"

There are two specific previsions in the Affordable Care Act that are mandates to provide Health Insurance. One of them is the Individual Mandate that requires that all Americans who can afford to purchase Health Insurance do so, instead of passing their Healthcare Costs onto people who are responsible enough to pay for their Healthcare. The other mandate relates to employers that all employers with fifty or more employees, provide Health Insurance for their employees. They don't have to provide it for free but they do have to offer their employees Health Insurance. And there is even a Tax Credit for employers that want to provide Health Insurance for their employees but can't afford to do so. So no this doesn't add more costs to employers and Small Business's who can't afford to pay them but it will make their places of business more attractable. Especially for workers that have kids or have a Pre Existing Condition, because now they'll have a way to pay for their Healthcare. And workers will say I should work there because they have a good Health Insurance Plan that I need to cover my Healthcare and the Healthcare of my kids.

Thats what House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer was talking about today, ending the Healthcare for Free Loaders. People who've made the conscience decision to pass their own Healthcare Costs onto people who've decided to pay for their own Healthcare on their own. And workers who currently can't afford Health Insurance on their own and may have kids or a Pre Existing Condition. And aren't poor enough to be eligible to receive Medicaid, will now have the opportunity, that of course they'll have to take to pay for their own Healthcare Costs. And not pass those Healthcare Costs again onto people who are responsible enough to pay for their own Healthcare. This is what this whole debate is about and is actually a Conservative idea if you think about it, that we all have skin in the game and not live off of others and pay for our fair share.

The only reason why this is a controversial idea, at least amongst Republicans because Democrats have now embraced it. And Republicans now have the idea that if Democrats are in favor of it, it must be a horrible idea or some form of Socialism that must defeated. Thats the intelligence or lack of intelligence level of the Republican Party right now, say no to things that Democrats support even if we support them.