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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House Leader Cantor Remarks On "The Obamacare Repeal Act": What House Republicans are Trying to Deny that they Receive

As much as House Republicans complain about how bad the Affordable Care Act is, its almost as if they've read the 2000 or so pages that are in the bill. That they've managed to find the time in the twenty eight months since the ACA was passed in 2010, to read the whole bill. But when you actually listen to what they are complaining about, then you know they didn't either read a huge bill they voted against. Even though Democrats spent over a year trying to pass this bill, with all of the hearings they held on it, with the Congressional Townhalls they held on it, both the House and Senate. With all the amendments they attached to the bill, a lot of them now being Republican amendments and Republicans ideas, like the Healthcare Mandate. The Tax Credit to purchase Health Insurance, closing the doughnut hole in the Medicare Advantage plan and many others. Or House Republicans haven't comprehend what they've read over two years later in this 2000 page bill or they are simply making up things as they go along to convince Tea Party members that they hate this bill as much as they do.

There's that old expression that you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. And one of the reasons why this expression is so old, is because Republicans constantly say things that are their opinions at best but portray them as facts and the whole debate over the Affordable Care Act is a perfect example of that. If you listen to the way House Republicans talk about the ACA and I'll use Representative Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee, as well as Member of the Way and Means Committee. Both Committees have jurisdiction over this bill, you'll hear Representative Ryan call the ACA or of course he will call it "Obamacare". As a Government Takeover of the American Healthcare System, that gives the Federal Government the power to decide. What Healthcare and Health Insurance Americans can have and will make all of the Healthcare decisions for the country from Washington and he'll talk about this new Entitlement Program that the ACA creates.

But of course Rep. Ryan can't name the new Entitlement Program thats in the ACA, you want to know why, well I'll tell you anyway. Because there isn't one in the bill, the ACA is made up of Tax Credits for employers and individuals to purchase Health Insurance that otherwise wouldn't be able to do so. As well as Patient Protections for individuals and the Healthcare Mandate so Free Loaders can't pass their Healthcare Costs onto others. Thats what House Republicans would actually see in the Affordable Care Act if they actually read the bill or had someone who understands the bill, read it to them.