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Monday, July 16, 2012

"Grover Norquist Schools Liberal Media On Obstructionist Charges": Why Grover is Losing Credibility on Taxes

When even Republicans like Senator Tom Coburn, easily one of the top Fiscal Conservatives in Congress, as far as his consistency. Says that Grover Norquist the head of Americans for Tax Reform, an anti Tax Hike group based in Washington, thats famous at least in Washington for their No Tax Pledge. That is if Members of Congress agree not to vote for Tax Hikes, they won't oppose them in their next reelection, says that Grover has too much influence in the Republican Party. Then we should listen to Senator Coburn, who's never voted for a Tax Hike in his entire time in Congress, both House and Senate, now thirteen years or so. You take Grover out of the picture in the Republican Party, Deficit Reduction become fairly simple both politically and what needs to be done. It would similar to what was done in 1986, 1990, 1993 and 1997, cutting back in areas that we don't need to spend as much on, reforming things that we need to work better so we don't have to spend as much money on them. And a combination of either Tax Reform or Tax Hikes on people who can afford to pay more but done in a way that doesn't hurt Economic Growth or a combination of both. Thats how you get o Deficit Reduction but both sides have to pay a price or we are not going to accomplish it.

This is something that both Senator Coburn and Senator Lamar Alexander both understand, neither one of them would be mistaken for Progressives when it comes to the Federal Budget. Both understand and have said so both publicly, that neither one of them wants to raise taxes on anyone. But they know the problem is so big, that we are so deep in debt and are now running around a 2T$ annual Budget Deficit, that just targeting 15% of the Federal Budget, won't solve the problem. That we need better Economic Growth, more people working and paying taxes and we need more revenue, through either Tax Reform or Tax Hikes on people who can afford to pay more. Or a combination of both, just ten years ago we had a National Debt of around 4T$, ten years later we are over 16T$, thats more then 1T$ a year in new Debt, we've simply borrowed too much money as a country and need to start paying it back.

Its people like Senators Coburn and Alexander that tell me that some type of Grand Bargain, that includes savings in the Defense Budget. Reforming the Entitlement System, especially reforming the Federal Government as a whole to make it more efficient, as well as a combination of new revenue, through better Economic Growth, Tax Reform and Tax Hikes on people who can afford to pay them. Is why we may see a deal between Democrats and Republicans on Deficit Reduction next year.