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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gary Johnson Libertarian Party Candidate for President with John Gizzi: How Gary Johnson could Affect The Presidential Election

Its good to see the Human Events who I consider to be a Neoconservative Publication, because even though they do talk about the importance of Economic and Religious Freedom. In the next post one of their writers will talk about the dangers of Gay Marriage or that any cuts in the Defense Budget. Will weaken our National Security but they do from time to time have Libertarian writers like John Stossel so they do have other voices other then Neoconservatives but its good to see them interview. Someone who doesn't come from the Tea Party side of the Political Spectrum, which in Gary Johnson's case is a perfect example of that, he's definitely not a Neoconservative but more of a Liberal-Libertarian and I say that because he can appeal to both Liberals and Libertarians. I see him as a Liberal Democrat like myself and if this were the 1920s, thats where he would be considered on the Political Spectrum. Someone who believes in Liberal Democracy and is against Big Government across the board, he reminds me of the 1940 Republican Presidential Nominee Wendell Willkie. Who also considered himself to be a Liberal and was a Democrat up until the 1930s with FDR's New Deal, that he saw as an encroachment on Individual Freedom.

I haven't seen polling that would suggest that but the person that Gary Johnson could take votes away from. Meaning votes that would otherwise go to either one contender or the other, is Barack Obama and here's why I believe that. Conservative Republicans, people who are actually Conservative, the establishment in the party, are going to vote for Mitt Romney. Aren't even going to consider Gary, because they believe that voting for Gary would hurt Mitt. Religious and Neoconservatives may not vote at all, because of Mitt's Mormonism and Mitt's religion is still his main drag. With Right Wingers but Liberal Democrats and I mean real Liberals may look at Gary. People such as myself that are fed up with the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention. All things that President Obama at least officially supports, these are the voters that the President has to worry about, the President only came out in favor of Same Sex Marriage when he did, because his Vice President did.

Progressive Democrats would never vote for the Libertarian Party, because they see people like that as enemies of the Welfare State. And supporters of Corporate America and all of that but thanks to the Tea Party, they won't vote for a Progressive Party either, because they don't want the Tea Party to run the Federal Government. Which is exactly what will happen if they don't vote Democratic.