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Liberal Democracy
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Freedom is the Only Solution: How Today's Republicans and Democrats have Moved Away from Freedom

If there's one thing that Liberals such a myself and Conservatives like the late Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan's can agree on. Is that freedom is the answer and Statism, whether it comes from the left or right is the problem, that free adults have the Constitutional Right to live their own lives. Without government interfering with how we live our lives, as long as we are not abusing innocent people or hurting them. That use to be what Conservatism and Liberalism were about in America and to me at they still are, I don't by terms like "Modern Conservatism", which is basically Neoconservatism, a form of Right Wing Statism that today dominates the Republican Party. Or "Modern Liberalism", which is Progressivism which is very influential in today's Democratic Party. This is not Conservatism or Liberalism but different Political Ideologies, Conservatism and Liberalism are both about freedom. How to protect it for the people who already have it and how to expand it for the people who don't have it but deserve it. Which gets to economic opportunity, how to empower Low Income people take the next step up and get themselves out of poverty.

This is what freedom is about which is what today's Neoconservative Republicans and Progressive Democrats don't understand. Neoconservatives want to take America back to the 1950s and protect what they see as the American Way of Life, where we weren't as free and where American Democracy didn't work a well for all Americans, just the special few. And Progressives instead of protecting and expanding freedom want the Federal Government to have more power to take care of Americans for themselves. And protect us from ourselves and that usually gets to money, making sure we don't have too much of our own money to spend as they would see it. And use our own money to take care of us but also to a certain extent when it come to Social Issues, Statists Progressives. Don't want us to be able gamble our own money, make too much on the Stock Market and tell us how we can eat and drink and not be able to hurt other peoples feelings, that is people they care about.

Neoconservatives don't tend to speak in terms like freedom, except when it comes to Economic Freedom and Religious Freedom for Christians. If you are a Neoconservative and Progressives tend to speak in terms of Europe, this is how its done in Europe, they don't seem to have a problem with less freedom over there. And it seems to work, which is why we should be like them, which is neither Conservatism or Liberalism.