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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dean Clancy: Three Steps to Patient-Centered Care: The Republican Alternative to the Affordable Care Act

On Wednesday the Republican House is going to hold another vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Without offering an alternative to what they would do instead, because they don't have an alternative. This debate started three years ago last month and the Republican Party still doesn't have a plan in what they would do to reform our Healthcare System that even Republicans say is in need of reform and that it costs too much. Whether you like the Affordable Care Act or not and I would've voted for it if I was in Congress or signed it if I was President, even though it wouldn't of been the plan that I would've drafted. At least Democrats have their own Healthcare Reform plan that they passed back in 2010. The only thing that Republicans have put on the table that has come up for a vote in Congress, is what House Republicans when they were still in the Minority. Led by then Minority Leader John Boehner drafted in late 2009 and in 2010, that of course failed to pass in the then Democratic House, that no one again has offered since. Republicans know what they are against when it comes to Healthcare Reform, they just don't know what they are for.

And as more as Americans get to learn the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, especially people who couldn't afford Healthcare any other way. Because they would've been dropped by their Health Insurer, without the Patients Protections in the ACA or wouldn't be able to get the Tax Credit or their employer wouldn't be able to get the Tax Credit. To help pay for their Health Insurance, the harder it is going to be for Republicans to repeal the ACA, whether they still just control the House. Gain more power or lose what they have now, especially if they don't have an alternative to what should be done instead. Which is something that Mitt Romney is struggling to deal with right now, especially since he signed into law in Massachusetts. Something that looks a hell of a lot like the ACA and is something that he's been trying to run away from since, because he doesn't want to offend the Tea Party.

This is why the Affordable Care Act plays well for President Obama and plays badly for Mitt Romney. Because it has in it a lot of provisions that Americans like, even Republicans like, that Mitt Romney now says he's against, even though he signed them into law in Massachusetts. Mitt can't run on a plan that he once supported, because he's a Republican that need the Tea Party to be elected President. But if he runs against the ACA, he opens himself up for attacks as being a Flip Flopper.