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Monday, July 30, 2012

CBS Evening News 1987: Dan Rather vs George H.W. Bush Showdown: George Bush Standing up Against The "Liberal Media"

When Vice President George H.W. Bush went on the CBS Evening News in the winter of 1987/88. When it wasn't a certainty that Vice President Bush was going to win the 1988 Republican Presidential Nomination. When he was still in tough a battle for the Presidential Nomination with Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole, he used this opportunity to try to convince Conservative Republicans. That he wasn't a wimp as Newsweek called him just 3-4 years later, that he was willing and would take on what Right Wingers call the "Liberal Media" and Dan Rather was one of their biggest targets. They always saw Dan Rather as a closet Liberal Democrat who was out to bring down or at least make Republicans look bad, the Right Wing has pretty much hated Dan Rather and perhaps CBS News in general, since the Nixon Presidency and their coverage of the Watergate Scandal. And saw it as unfair or whatever and what Vice President Bush was doing with this interview with Dan Rather. Who at the time was the anchor of the CBS Evening News, was an attempt to convince Republicans that he was tough enough to take on what they call the "Liberal Media", as well as Democrats.

Iran-Contra was still a big deal in late 1987 and early 1988 and as Vice President, George Bush was clearly involved in this situation and had knowledge of it. He was President Reagan's top deputy, his Chief Counselor on Policy and perhaps even his Chief Operating Officer. And even if Vice President Bush didn't have much knowledge of this situation, which I doubt, then that would mean. As number two Ranking Officer in the Federal Government, that he was out of the loop in perhaps the most important Political Scandal of the Reagan Administration. Whether this was or wasn't what this interview was suppose to be about with Dan Rather, thats why Rather wanted to talk about it. And Bush knew this and used it as an opportunity to fight back against again what Right Wingers view as the "Liberal Media".