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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Why Should Liberals Like Libertarian Ideas?": What Separates Liberals From Progressives

This Professor from Learn Liberty, a Libertarian Think Tank lets say, nails it in this video early on. That people who are called Liberals in America, would be called Social Democrats in the rest of the World, people who I refer to as Progressives or Democratic Socialists. We have have a Political Party in America that calls themselves Democratic Socialists, people who believe in Big Government Progressivism, using the Federal Government to make society, what they would view as fairer and equal. People who tend to have Liberal views on Social Issues, Progressive Libertarians or Socialist Libertarians or even Progressive Liberals and then there are Progressives who aren't as Liberal on Social Issues. People who believe in what's called by Conservatives, Libertarians and even Liberals such as myself, as the "Nanny State", that is that government not only has a role to make sure that no one has too much in society. And that no one is left behind but that government even has a role to protect people from themselves. The Soda Ban in New York City last week, that Progressives support, is an excellent example of that.

What separates Liberals from lets say Progressive Libertarians, is basically the Role of Government, as it relates to the economy. And we tend to be different on Foreign Policy as well, Liberals believe in Limited Government and Individual Freedom across the board, as long as we don't hurt others with what we are doing. Whereas Progressives believe in Big Government Economics, that the Federal Government has a role in taking care of people. Whereas Liberals believe that anyone who can, should be expected to take care of themselves and that we should empower people who don't have the skills to take care of themselves, to be able to do that for themselves. Whereas Progressives are Statist on Economic Policy but on some key Social Issues as well, like Health and Wellness, Hate Speech, Organize Gambling to use as examples. Liberals and Progressives aren't members of the same club but with just different names but we are different politically as well.

Some people view Classical Liberals, which is how I tend to be labeled, as Libertarian but we aren't, we are Liberals. Libertarians believe that the Federal Government should be no larger, then what's laid out for it in the 10th Amendment, whereas Liberals of course believe in Limited Government but not quite that limited. And people who are called "Modern Liberals" are actually Progressives, viewers and commentators for MSNBC, being a perfect example of that.