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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Senator Coburn on Reforming the Crop Insurance Subsidy: Saving Tax Payers From Subsidizing Pork

If you want to look at wasteful Government Spending, look at Highway bills, there's plenty of legitimate things in them. But Highway bills tend to be loaded with pork, look at Corporate Welfare, the name alone there is a pretty good clue, look at the Defense Budget, again a lot of it legitimate but we are still paying for things. Because of where they are built, happens to be located in a Representatives District or Senators State, whether those Defense Supplies tend to be built. Or a Defense Contractor knows Representative Smith or Senator Jones, who just happens to be on the Armed Services Committee or Appropriations Committee. And the Defense Contractor has those Members of Congress in their back pocket and know they don't have to worry about those weapons or tanks that they build, being cut from the Defense Budget. Wait but there's more perhaps my favorite one of all, where a lot of Corporate Welfare is located, in the Agriculture Budget, Agriculture Subsidies. Where pun intended a lot of pork is located, subsidizing farmers who can more on their own, not only finance their own Agriculture Insurance but instead get people making 40-45K$ a year, people who are also farmers subsidizing them instead.

I love food as much as the next guy, probably more then most guys and I consider the Agriculture Industry one of the top 3-5 most important Industries in America. We literally can't survive without it and are so efficient at it that we export a lot of food that we produce to other countries, who literally can't feed themselves, countries in Africa and even the Communist Republic of Korea. Doesn't mean I feel we should be force to subsidize farmers that are so efficient at producing food, that they can export a lot of food that they produce oversees. And can finance their own Agriculture Insurance, they should pay for that themselves, either private or public Agriculture Insurance, instead of people who are struggling just to pay their own bills. And them forcing them through Corporate Welfare, to pay for wealthy farmers as well.

Agriculture Subsidies are somewhere in the neighborhood of 40B$ a year, which is about the same price tag as Corporate Welfare. We couldn't balance the Federal Budget on those things alone, of course not with a 1.8T$ Federal Deficit but that would be a hell of a start, that puts you up towards 100B$ a year alone. And then we could go much farther then that in other parts of the Federal Budget as well.