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Monday, June 18, 2012

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: "President Obama Seeking to Change First Amendment 'An Act of Radicalism': Why Full Disclosure is Important

Every time I hear Progressives talking about how horrible the Citizens United decision was and that its so awful, that we need a Constitutional Amendment. Which by the way are almost impossible to pass, which is why we've haven't changed our Constitution very often in the last almost 236 years. And was made almost impossible to change intentionally, the Liberals and Libertarians who wrote the Constitution, thought they had written such a brilliant document, with all the Constitutional Rights that were laid out. And didn't want Authoritarians from the right or left, coming in and taking those Freedoms way with a simple majority, the First Amendment being the most important right that we have. So when I hear about horrible that the Citizens United decision was from Progressives and that we need a Constitutional Amendment to overturn it and that we can do this with the "will of the people". I think these people really do live on Planet Utopia and visit America every so often, too often from my point of view, to tell us how bad we are and we should be more like them.

A Constitutional Amendment, even if you were to get it out of a Republican House and over to the Democratic Senate, you would have to get all 53 Democratic Senators to vote for it. And pick up 14-47 Republican Senators, probably all of them by the way, who support the Citizens United decision, to vote for this Constitutional Amendment. This may happen on Planet Utopia, just not in the United States, I don't like the Citizens United decision, because of all the, as Mother Jones Magazine called it a few weeks ago. "Dark Money", thats now flowing into our Political Campaigns, meaning money from undisclosed sources, where we don't know who's funding this candidate or that third party group, because they don't have to disclose their sources. And we don't know exactly what their agenda is, we can get ideas from their commercials but they put out so much nonsense, its hard to follow all of that.

There are ways to solve problems that actually well, solve the problem and there are ways to just keep problems and issues alive to be able to use against the other side. Talking about something that will simply never pass, at least within the next ten years is a way to keep an issue alive to use it against the other side. But passing legislation out of Congress, that can avoid getting thrown out. For example you don't pass something that says so and so, can only raise so much money or can only raise money from these sources or proposing bills that are designed to hurt one side or the other. Especially in a Divided Congress, the right proposing a bill banning Organize Labor from contributing to Political Campaigns, the left proposing a bill that would ban corporations from contributing to Political Campaigns. Does nothing to solve the problem, because it might pass the House but not the Senate and vice versa and just keeps the issue alive.

To solve the problem of too much undisclosed money in American Politics, as well as Special Interest Groups, essentially buying our elections. Where elections are decided based on who can raise the most money, or who's side can raise the most money and make the other person look Unworthy of being elected or reelected. We first have to pass something that will actually fix the problem, 2nd we have to try to pass something that can, well get passed and third but as important. You have to pass something that on its face is Constitutional, Common Sense tells you that and doesn't target one side of the isle or the other. Thats consistent with recent Supreme Court precedents and to me based on everything I've seen from the Supreme Court. There's really only one option, its called Full Disclosure, for all Public Officials, candidates and groups that contribute to Political Campaigns. Having to report how they raise their money and from whom and how much they've raised.