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Friday, June 29, 2012

Senate Leader Harry Reid Won't Say if ACA Mandate is a Tax: Its a Fee For People who Choose not to Pay for their Healthcare

My only real issue with Senate Leader Harry Reid and even though he has been one of the most effective Senate Leaders as well as Democratic Leaders we've had at least in recent time. He has a hard time admitting the obvious, you could stick an apple in front of his face and ask him if this is an apple. And if he thinks answering that question will hurt him politically, he will dodge it and generally do it in a humorous way. I'm not here to talk about fruits of labor but to pass the Labor Appropriations bill or something like that. Whether you want to call the Individual Mandate a tax or a fee, suit yourself thats exactly what is either one would describe it accurately. Its a price that people have to pay for not paying their share of their Healthcare Costs, even people who can afford to do so. And instead pass those Healthcare Costs onto people who are responsible enough to pay for their Health Insurance. If you are employed, in good health, make a good living and can either afford Health Insurance by yourself or the plan you can get at work. You are essentially, not exactly getting Free Healthcare in America, by going to the Emergency Room because you have a headache and don't feel like paying for medicine.

Because of the Individual Mandate in the Affordable Care Act, Free Loaders as it relates to Healthcare, will now be put out of business. Either purchase Health Insurance or pay a fine lets say, again whatever term works for you and that money would go to reimburse hospitals who are putting up the costs. For people who have decided not to pay for their Healthcare and then passing those costs onto people who are responsible enough to pay for their own Healthcare. If you believe in Personal Responsibility, that we shouldn't bail out people who have chosen not to be responsible. You should be a fan of the Individual Mandate, because its a Conservative idea and one reason why Progressives didn't support the concept back in 2008, actually Barack Obama didn't support it originally either. And why Right Wingers now hate the idea, because Liberals such as myself and others now support it.

So even if Leader Reid can't admit the obvious or has chosen not to, Democrats could even now run on the Individual Mandate. Thats part of the ACA, if they actually take the time to explain what it, that it only affects people who are not responsible enough to pay for their own Healthcare Costs. Especially explain that to people with Health Insurance, which is most of the country and explain to them that they will no longer have to subsidize the Healthcare. For people who have chosen not to pay for it.