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Friday, June 8, 2012

Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.: "President Obama Should Honor '08 Pledge, Back $10 Minimum Wage": Time for a Living Wage in America?

Representative Jesse Jackson Jr, the son of guess who, I'll give you a clue, they both live in Chicago. Is a Representative who I agree with almost never, about as often as it snows in Los Angeles, well all right maybe a little more often then that but to tell the truth. I don't remember when was the last time I agreed with him on anything, he's about the most farthest left Member of Congress there is, in both the House and Senate. He's in the same ballpark as Representative Dennis Kucinich and Senator Bernie Sanders but who is someone I respect, because even though I rarely agree with him on anything. At least I always know where he's coming from and he's honest about his views and positions, can't say that about most politicians obviously but that can be said about. Rep. Jackson and Rep. Kucinich who are basically the Ron Paul of the Democratic Party in Congress, as far as their honesty on where they are on the issues. Rep. Jackson introduced yesterday a bill in the House that would increase the Federal Minimum Wage, from 7.25$ currently to 10$ an hour. This is one thing that I agree with him and depending on how its written, is something that I could support.

To be honest with you, I'm for eliminating today's Federal Minimum Wage and replacing it with a Federal Living Wage. Of at least 10$ and hour if not adjust it for inflation going back to 1968, where it would be more like 12$ an hour today and this is how I would do it, so it doesn't hurt employers, especially Small Business's. Lets say its a 10$ an hour Living Wage, that would be for anyone 21 and over who's a Full Time worker, everyone else would making lets Minimum Wage, Part Time workers who would otherwise would be paid this. As well as workers who are under 21, so students are incentivized to drop out of High School or college, to take a Full Time job making the Living Wage. And I would allow employers, again especially Small Business's to deduct 30% of the Living Wage and Minimum Wage from their Payroll Costs, so their costs of doing business doesn't go up.

President Obama would be smart to come out for a proposal like this and put it into his Jobs Act, because it would be a boost to the economy. Because people who have to spend most of what they make, just to survive, would have more money to spend and would spend that money right away. Driving up Consumer Spending, which would lead to Economic and Job Growth to meet the new Consumer Demand and less people taking Welfare or Unemployment Insurance, because they don't feel they can survive on their own.