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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Liberty Pen: John Stossel-Ann Coulter War on Drugs Debate

Source: Liberty Pen-Ann Coulter-
Source: Liberty Pen: John Stossel-Ann Coulter War on Drugs Debate

People who speak in favor of the War on Drugs and thank God we have less people defending the War on Drugs everyday (one thing I love about young people) is that they the drug warriors talk about the dangers of illegal narcotics. Not talking about legal narcotics, but about illegal narcotics. Saying that people who use illegal narcotics get sick and high and cause problems for society because of the dangers of illegal narcotics. Perhaps not aware of the dangers that legal narcotics or not mentioning them, people who get drunk and get into accidents and get several different forms of cancer, relating to alcohol and tobacco, two legal drugs in America. Or the dangers of sugar and caffeine as well and the cancers that are related to those drugs as well. Ann Coulter does make a valid point that she's not in favor of other narcotics becoming legal as long as we have a welfare state in America.

That as long as we have to pay for people who mess up their lives with different drugs, that Ann Coulter is not willing to see other drugs become legal as well. The problem with that argument, is that we are already doing that, with alcohol and tobacco. We are already paying for people who use these drugs and can't afford the health care that they must have as a result of their drug usage. The problems with the War on Drugs, to go along with being stupid, which is its biggest problem and the main reason why it doesn't work stupid things that are designed in a stupid way, tend not to work, you design a car without an engine, you are not going to get very far in that car. And when you design a War where you try to control how people live their own lives, try to stop them from doing what they want to do and then punish them for how they live their own lives, you are not stopping them from doing those things. You are just making those activities illegal, big difference. Which is why prohibition does not work.

One of the reasons why the War on Drugs is stupid, because it's also hypocritical. "Don't use heroin, cocaine or marijuana, but feel free to smoke tobacco until you can no longer talk or breathe properly, or drink alcohol until you destroy the liver. Don't worry the welfare state as Ann Coulter put it, has you're back and will pay for the abuse you committed against yourself." What the War on Drugs needs, is to be ended and instead we apply some common sense and intelligence to how we deal with narcotics in America. I don't want to see a society where our already overcrowded emergency rooms are even more over run by drug addicts, as they are today. But to save our corrections system and other parts of society, that we instill some personal freedom and personal responsibility. That we legalize marijuana, but if people decide to use or abuse legal narcotics in America. That instead of passing the costs of using those drugs onto the people who decided not to that they instead pay for those costs up front, through regulation and taxation.