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Thursday, June 21, 2012

"How Much Do Americans REALLY Know About Barack Obama?": Why Barack Obama is not a Socialist

Last week I wrote a blog similar to this on why Barack Obama is not a Socialist and his Presidency is really all the evidence you need to know that. So this is I guess a follow up to that and I also point out that in the future I'm going to do like a top ten list of reasons why Barack Obama is not a Socialist. I just wasn't sure if it was going to be a serious blog or if would do in satiric form. If this is the best that the Right Wing can do to show that President Obama is a Socialist, then they are really wasting a lot of time, their time and anyone who would see this. Except for people who have nothing better but to see this or for people who might want to blog about it, such as myself. Or people who just want another reason to laugh at was passes for today's Right Wingers, people that Barry Goldwater, who's considerd the father of Classcial Conservatism, wanted nothing to do with. And that Ron Reagan's only interest in these people, was to get then to vote for him, he was only interested in winning elections when he was running for office. And didn't care who voted for him, as long as they voted for him and would let them feel that he was on their side, without doing anything for them.

Today's Right Wingers dislike or in a lot of cases hate President Obama so much, like in the case of the Birthers. Who don't seem capable of even reading Birth Certificates accuratley, that they can't accept facts when they are right in front of their faces and acknowlege that Barack Obama is not only an American Citizen. But that he was born in Hawaii in 1961, Right Wingers like the Daily Caller and others who haven't gone the Birther route, use a different approach. They've pretty muched accepted that President Obama was born in Hawaii and is an American Citizen but that he's really not one of use, he's not really an American politically or culturally. And try to make him look like a Democratic Socialist in the European tradition and use the Guilt by Association tactic, saying that the President is a Socialist, because he's hung out with Socialists in the past, thats really all they have, Guilt by Assocaition. Thats even weak for Circumstancial Eveidence.

So here's why Barack Obama is not a Socialist my top list, he bailed out the Auto Industry in 2009, instead of Nationalizing it. He's cut taxes by over 200B$ since 2009, instead of raising taxes by at least 200B$, he's bailed out State and Local Governments, insetad of Federalizing them. He's passed regualtions on the Banking Industry, to try to prevent "Too Big to Fail" from happening again, by setting up a process where Big Banks that are in danger of falling. Would shrink and become much smaller and easier to manage, isnetad of Nationalizing big banks. He's expanded Private Health Insurance, insead of Nationalizing the Health Insurance Industry. If Barack Obama was a Socialist, he wouldn't of been elected President of the United States, thats just not the type of country we are, just ask any Progressive Democrat out there. When they try to push for new funding of Big Government programs or try to create new Federal Social Insurance programs.

Oh another reason why President Obama is not a Socialist, Progressive Democrats don't like him or have fallen out of love with him. Because they saw him as our first Socialist President or at least our first one since Franklin Rossevelt and are not crazy about voting for him again. Someone they see as a "Corporate Democrat" or something, someone who's continuing on with Bush Presidency or something. I can close my case now.