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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

House GOP Conference Chairman Jeb Henserling on the Kudlow Report: The Congressional Report Card

I saw an interview on the CNBC Kudlow Report, which is lets be honest, its not a report, its more like the Larry Kudlow Point of View, POV with Larry Kudlow. Would be a more accurate description of this show, I learn about as much or less from watching Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity. Which isn't saying anything, these shows are mostly commentary but I actually did hear some interesting on the Kudlow, Show lets call it. Where the guy guest hosting this show was interviewing Jeb Henserling Chairman of the House Republican Conference, who's basically the Chief Spokesperson for the House GOP Leadership. And Chairman Henserling in this "interview", more like a couple guys taking turns slapping each other on the back, and telling each other good point, just backing up the other in what they were saying. The interviewer was talking about the fact that Congress at this point, has passed a lot less legislation then the previous Congress's at the same point in the Congress. Because the House and Senate haven't gotten together to agree on a lot of legislation, House Republicans and Senate Democrats are just very divided on almost everything. The Senate has had a hard time passing anything out of the Senate, because of how evenly divided the Senate is between Democrats and Republicans.

Chairman Henserling said that its not about how much legislation that Congress passes but the quality of legislation that Congress passes. Which is an obvious statement but very true, Congress's tend to be judged by how much legislation they pass, instead of the quality of legislation it passes. Which is the wrong test and here's why, me personally I don't want to see Congress pass a lot of legislation. Especially anything that makes the Federal Government bigger or our taxes higher or takes away some of our freedom. I just want Congress and the Federal Government as a whole to do the things that we need it to do, do the basic work that Congress needs to do. To keep Uncle Sam in business, which means at least passing Appropriation bills, to avoid Government Shutdowns and defaults and when there are problems in the country like with a weak economy. Passing things that can help improve the economy, which is where Congress has overwhelmingly failed.

Congress can't fix the economy, nor can the rest of the Federal Government but it can pass legislation to encourage Economic and Job Growth which is what the country needs. Like with a long term Highway bill and further Infrastructure Investment, which would also be a boost for our Construction and Manufacturing Industries who need the work and we need the parts to do that work and for this to happen the House and Senate have to work together. Not trying to pass things that the other side won't approve.