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Monday, June 4, 2012

George Will on Mayor Bloomberg and Contemporary Progressivism: The Ideology of the Nanny State

If you want to know what a "Nanny State" is, well the government banning not regulating, certain sizes of sodas. Is a hell of an example of it, a "Nanny State", is essentially where the government doesn't trust the people enough to live their own lives and feels the need to protect them from themselves. What they can eat or drink, what Healthcare they can have, basically how they can spend their own money, not money that was given to them by government. But money they worked for themselves and its not just Progressives that are guilty of "Nanny State" Politics, Neoconservatives on the right are guilty as well. And would like to control what we can watch and listen to, what we can do with our own free time and I've blogged about Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann in the past. Two excellent examples of what Neoconservatives are but the NYC Soda Ban is a perfect example of what happens in a "Nanny State", Mayor Mike Bloomberg discovers. That there are too many fat people in New York, apparently it took him ten years as Mayor to figure that out and decides that the City Government has to do something about it. And bans certain sizes of soft drinks.

If government can ban soft drinks, then they can ban Junk Food, they can ban tobacco and alcohol, they could ban pornography. They can say that everyone in the city has to be home by a certain time at night and can't go out on weeknights, once you allow government to interfere with what you can eat and drink. You are opening up the possibility of allowing them to control other aspects of our lives, how Mike Bloomberg was a ever a Republican, that at least at one point was a party of Personal Responsibility. I'll never know, perhaps he was a Republican in another country, where Republicans tend to look more Socialist then Conservative and then immigrated to New York. No wonder Progressive Democrats in New York can't beat him, it would be like trying to beat yourself. And its no going to even solve the problem thats its intended to, because New Yorkers are just going to go over to North Jersey or Long Island for soda.

The NYC Soda Ban represents how Progressives look at the World and how they look at problems. They see a problem that must be fixed and right away decide, that we must end that and outlaw it. Not bothering to consider the implications of what prohibition, for example the lost in Sales Taxes, to fund things like schools, roads, hospitals. Things that Progressives support but this Soda Ban makes those things harder to finance.