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Monday, June 11, 2012

David Limbaugh: "Liberalism is like a Metastatic Cancer": What Right Wingers Don't Understand About Liberalism

I love hearing Right Wingers has I'm going to call them that for the purpose of this blog, not to use as an insult but to explain that the Right Wing is more then just Conservatives. It also concludes Neoconservatives and Theocrats, with Neoconservatives being the most dominant faction of the Right Wing right now. That didn't always be the case, Conservatives use to dominate the Right Wing in America but I love when Right Wingers talk about Liberalism, I love it in this sense. Because its so funny, they are absolutely out of their mind when they are talking about Liberalism and describe it in a way that makes it sound like Socialism or Communism. Two Political Ideologies that are both Statist and Collectivist, so is Neoconservatism by the way, whereas Liberalism is an Individualist Political Ideology, thats built around Individual Freedom, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and Rule of Law. So to hear Right Wingers describe Liberalism the way it isn't, is like hearing Fidel Castro calling for the need for more Freedom and an Open Society in Russia. What the hell does Fidel Castro know about Freedom, he's never had it, he's never lived under it. The same thing with Neoconservatives and what they know about Liberalism, they are quite frankly speaking out of their ass about Liberalism.

David Limbaugh the brother of guess who and if you said Michael Jackson, you would be incorrect. Is about as clueless about Liberalism as his brother and perhaps as clueless about everything he talks about, to actually right a book about Liberalism, spend the time writing a book about something you don't understand. And to write this book so its taken seriously, seriously by who, High School dropouts, people who can't read, who are dumb enough to believe that Barack Obama is a Kenyan Citizen. I mean is this the audience he wants to speak to, perhaps Mental Patents who if you told them that fire is cold, they'll try to use it to keep their drinks cool. What should be done with this David Limbaugh book, is the same thing thats done with Ann Coulter books, stuff them into the fiction or humor sections, because thats what they are.

Again the Political Ideology that David Limbaugh is speaking out of his ass about, probably because he simply doesn't know about. Because he's too ignorant to understand, is a Statist Philosophy, that has more to with State Dependency then Freedom and has nothing to do with Liberalism. Which again is about, Individual Freedom, US Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law.